Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Ecumenical Christmas in Turku, Finland

Note: Google translation of a Finnish article.

Ecumenical Christmas is celebrated in Turku Cathedral on Thursday, December 15, starting at 18.

Ecumenical Christmas theme are the familiar words of the Christmas Gospel, "Do not be afraid!", As well as our everyday life crept into war and peace, violence and fear issues.
Humanitarian message importer, to be held in the Cathedral of opportunity has been invited by President Tarja Halonen , who has had an extensive international career as a promoter and advocate of peace, cooperation, equality and the rights of the most vulnerable.

The President points out that the United Nations (UN) adopted 60 years ago Declaration of Human Rights, according to which human beings are born equal. Governments are primarily responsible for the implementation of equality, but success is not dependent on the operation of governments. To the work of non-governmental organizations, the business community, churches, academia and all of us are needed. Respect for another human being or nature can not be entirely delegated to others.

The church municipalities of the ecumenical appeal for peace in the cathedral showing the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland ArchbishopKari Mäkinen , the Orthodox Church Archbishop Leo , the Roman Catholic Church, Bishop Teemu Sippo , as well as director of the Adventist Kalervo Aromäki .
The event is also always a special musical anniltaan. The evening of music corresponding to the soprano Camilla Nylund , Turku Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Pertti Pekkanen , vocal ensemble Luminos, cantor Jukka Pietilä and organist Markku Hietaharju . Camilla Nylund shows, inter alia, Max Reger Mary's lullaby and the ever-so-lovely Oh jouluyö. During the event, you can also sing-along carols Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission Christmas carols booklet.

The event will be televised, so please arrive no later than the church at 17.40.Recording is sent to Yle TV1 on Christmas Eve, about an hour before the Declaration of Christmas Peace, which will be broadcast live from Turku, Finland at 12
ecumenical Christmas celebration was held for the first time in 1994. More than two decades of humanitarian message has brought to people is always the top management representatives and influential cultural organizations.

Admission is free. Welcome

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