Friday, May 19, 2017

Pope Francis to join rest of Catholic world in celebrating Corpus Christi on a Sunday


18 May 2017 | by Catholic News Service

Pope celebrating on the Sunday 'can strengthen the participation of the faithful', papal vicar of Rome claims

Pope Francis will celebrate the feast of the Body and Blood of Christ and the Corpus Christi procession on a Sunday this month (18 June) and not on the traditional Thursday feast day, which is on 15 June this year.

Throughout Italy and in most other countries, the feast was transferred to the following Sunday years ago. The pope celebrating on the Sunday "can strengthen the participation of the faithful in this solemn, public act of adoration of the Blessed Sacrament," said Cardinal Agostino Vallini, the papal vicar of Rome.

Announcing the change in a letter dated 1 May, the cardinal said he hoped changing the date of the celebration to a non-work day would allow more people to participate in the traditional procession through Rome from the Basilica of St. John Lateran to the Basilica of St Mary Major.

The date of the papal celebration was announced by the Vatican today (18 May) along with a list of Pope Francis' other public liturgical celebrations for June.

Pope Francis will celebrate Mass in St. Peter's Square on Pentecost (4 June) and he will mark the feast of Sts Peter and Paul with Mass on 29 June in St Peter's Basilica and the blessing of palliums to be given to new metropolitan archbishops.

The pallium is a band made from lamb's wool, which is worn over the shoulders and symbolises both an archbishop's role as the shepherd of the archdiocese and his communion with the pope.

PICTURE - The Catholic Sorbs in their traditional costumes take part in a Corpus Christi procession in Crostwitz, in Germany, one of only a few worldwide to take place every year on a Thursday. Now, most countries celebrate the feast on the following Sunday

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