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VRM: Mycoplasma – Rogue Pathogen in Vaccines

VRM: Mycoplasma - Rogue Pathogen in Vaccines

26th April 2016 - By Joel Lord

In this age of Medical tyranny, systemic, blatant disregard for nature’s laws has purposefully turned the human body into a battlefield, opening the floodgates to outside forces, enabling novel microorganisms to flourish, thereby unleashing a new breed of toxic agents into the environment.

Natural immunity is threatened more today than ever before in history.

The signature of any modern disease, disorder or syndrome impacting human health, is determined by the extent of its virulence and survivability. Mycoplasma fits this criteria definition, having permanently altered the course of evolution; ultimately the future of the entire human race.

A 2009 study indicated that half of all lab scientists fail to check for the presence of Mycoplasma in their cell cultures, which is problematic, as this contamination can disrupt patterns of human gene expression.‘ SGS Life Sciences
As a recognized vaccine researcher I have trained my journalistic eye to examine any crucial science-based evidence pertaining to vaccine injury, impacting our community, particularly in terms of the compromised health of babies & young children

– a rigorous approach, deconstructing and cross-referencing every component involved in the vaccine manufacturing process; including a case-by-case analysis of mitigating co-factors affiliated with vaccine trauma, hastened or triggered by the shot (pre-existing medical conditions, compromised immunity from birth, exposure to environmental toxins).

To understand exactly what we are dealing with, it is necessary to return to the source of the problem.

To date, I have identified 4 major areas of concern:

1. Faulty methodology –

The whole basis for vaccinations is counter-physiological. The vast majority of infections enter the body through the nasal passages (mucous membrane) & the gastro-intestinal tract or the guts (gut flora). Accordingly 80% of the body’s immune system is situated at these junctures; the natural first line of defence.

Vaccines are injected into deep muscle tissue or subcutaneously, either route which literally bypasses one’s natural barriers altogether. Thus the body is left vulnerable to live viruses & heavy metals, increasing, exponentially, the risk of prolonged neurological and neuro-developmental difficulties; which would otherwise be avoided.

…as large white blood cells rush to attack the foreign particles injected into our bloodstream…surround tiny capillaries where the foreign particles land, clog and collapse the capillaries.’ Dr. Andrew Moulden

2. Synergistic toxicity –

In practical terms, a synergy factor inevitably occurs when multiple ingredients such as heavy metals, live viruses/or strands of DNA-RNA “heat treated virus”, antibiotics, formaldehyde, detergent, diploid cells (aborted fetal tissue), phenol dye and other excipient buffers are combined in a vaccine.

For example, Aluminum binds to Thimerosal mercury, forming an amalgam. The addition of Neomycin (antibiotic) will trigger more rapid, profound cell toxicity. resulting in a 75% acceleration in cell deaths occurring in the body.

aluminium-containing adjuvants could trigger the cascade of immunological events which are associated with autoimmune conditions including chronic fatigue syndrome and macrophagic myofasciitis.’ Elsevier

3. Timing –

A newborn lacks sufficient protection to guard against premature damage to the blood-brain barrier. which takes no less than 7 months in utero (latter stages of third trimester) to establish its primary protective shielding, so that vital, unfinished area is still completely raw.

The Myelin Sheath is also significantly under-developed at birth. In fact, a baby undergoes continuous Myelin formation well after birth. Similarly, the Meninges layering is designed to insulate the brain & spinal cord from injury – notwithstanding the accumulative barrage of synergistic toxicity associated with early childhood vaccines.

For most children the earliest risk of iatrogenic disease (caused by medical treatment) is that from vaccination, unmasking any constitutional weakness, and given at a time of considerable susceptibility to intercurrent infection.’ British Medical Journal

4. Mutagenic viruses

Our current generation have become unwitting hosts to a form of viral, bacterial & fungal roulette, an ideal breeding ground for the proliferation of lifelong (inter-generational) viral, bacterial & fungal (gut related) infections.
The overwhelming body of scientific evidence points to one critical determining factor in the rise of mutagenic (hybrid or chimeric) viruses & systemic erosion of natural immunity: multi-generational community-wide exposure to the Standard Immunization regime, in particular, those viral vaccines fixed on the schedule which combine live, attenuated viruses.

It is the nature of living things to change, or mutate, and the organisms used in live, attenuated vaccines are no different. The remote possibility exists that an attenuated microbe in the vaccine could revert to a virulent form and cause disease.‘ US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

However, there is, in fact, a fifth catalyst, aggressively spurring on disease in the human body, a rogue pathogen, which, until now, has consistently slipped under the radar.

Mycoplasma is loosely identified as a form of extracellular and intracellular parasitic bacteria (resembling fried-egg or mulberry shaped colonies). Under scrutiny, the primary evidence suggests otherwise; being structurally smaller than a virus, similarly dependent on the host for survival, comparable to covert bacterium, yet more complex as a pathogen, given its flexible plasma-like surface.

The name of mycoplasma was chosen because of its mycelated fungi-like structure with a flowering plasma-like structure. Mycoplasma is a kind of bacteria. One of the differences between mycoplasma and the other bacteria is the absence of cell wall and their flexible membrane in mycoplasma which results in taking different shapes and consequently difficulties in identifying even under a high powered electron microscope.

The small size of mycoplasma (0.15-0.3µm) is the main reason for their escape through filtering systems and also their growth in high concentration in mammalian cell cultures without any turbidity or other obvious symptoms.‘ Laleh Nikfarjam, Ph.D. and Parvaneh Farzaneh, Ph.D., Cell Journal

The coccus (spherical shape) is the basic form of all mycoplasmas in culture. The diameter of the smallest coccus capable of reproduction is about 300 nm. In most mycoplasma cultures, elongated or filamentous forms (up to 100 μm long and about 0.4 μm thick) also occur.

The filaments tend to produce truly branched mycelioid structures, hence the name mycoplasma (myces, a fungus; plasma, a form). Mycoplasmas reproduce by binary fission, but cytoplasmic division frequently may lag behind genome replication, resulting in formation of multinuclear filaments.‘ Medical Microbiology

Bacterium is a complete form of life, fully functional and independent in a suitable environment. They have complete cellular structures…capable of surviving by consuming food around them. They can also die of starvation.

Virus is a basic, complete and independent, form of life, has to have living cells as its home to consume food and multiply. The absence of these hosts, it can remain inactive for years. It is covered by proteins, as compared with plasma membranes in humans, and cell walls in bacteria.

Unlike a bacteria, a virus is only active when replicating within a host cell. Viruses are much smaller than bacteria. Bacterium can divide into two cells, using a process called mitosis. A virus simply cannot do that.

Hundreds of mycoplasmas can attach to a single eukaryotic cell, eventually invading the host by fusing with the cell membrane. Upon entry into the cell, mycoplasmas multiply and circumvent defenses to survive, outnumbering host cells by 1000-fold.‘ InvivoGen

Mycoplasmas can live intra and extracellular as saprophytes utilizing the fragments from dead or dying cells. Their double layer lipoprotein membrane controls the intracellular flow of nutrients and provides a highly unstable osmolar microbe difficult to isolate and visualize.‘ Harold W. Clark, Ph.D.

Mycoplasma has been identified as an undermining agent in cases of Autism, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Pneumonia , Pulmonary Fibrosis, Aids, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Macrophagic Myofasciitis, Epstein-Barr Virus, Bells Palsy, Lyme disease, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, Encephalomyelitis, Diabetes Type One, Huntington’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Gulf War Syndrome; including many rarified forms of cancer & lesser known debilitating neuro-degenerative conditions.

Variants of Mycoplasma species possess distinct characteristics of survivability (adaptability), frequently evading detection under the microscope, such as an ability to:

1. proliferate under extreme laboratory conditions, despite ongoing sterilization treatment – which actually increases their resistance to antibiotics.
Mycoplasmas have been nicknamed the “crabgrass” of cell cultures because their infections are persistent, frequently difficult to detect and diagnose, and difficult to cure. Contamination of cell cultures by mycoplasmas presents serious problems in research laboratories and in biotechnological industries using cell cultures. The origin of contaminating mycoplasmas is in components of the culture medium, particularly serum, or in the flora of the technician’s mouth, spread by droplet infection.‘ Medical Microbiology

2. target any vulnerabilities present in the body (ranges of compromised immunity), by systematically digesting vital deposits of healthy (high-density lipoprotein type) cholesterol, the vast majority of which is found in the brain and myelin (protective casing around nerve cells).

It has been estimated that up to 70% of the brain cholesterol is associated with myelin. Because up to half of the white matter may be composed of myelin, it is unsurprising that the brain is the most cholesterol-rich organ in the body. The concentration of cholesterol in the brain, and particularly in myelin, is consistent with an essential function related to its membrane properties.‘ Division of Clinical Chemistry, Huddinge University Hospital, Sweden

The vertebrate brain is the most cholesterol-rich organ, containing roughly 25% of the total free cholesterol present in the whole body.

Sterol is clearly essential for our survival, any depletion of which, when exposed to Mycoplasma, jeopardizes the metabolism of the entire network of operations – circulatory, digestive, endocrine, immune, lymphatic, muscular, nervous, reproductive, respiratory, skeletal, and urinary functionality; eroding the under-developed core circuitry that houses a baby’s brain & central nervous system (Myelin Sheath), while wreaking havoc in the bloodstream.

Another problem that’s caused is in the generation of blood. The mycoplasma has a huge appetite for red blood cells because red blood cells are high in cholesterol, which gives them flexibility. This allows a red blood cell, which is 7 or 8 microns in diameter to go through a capillary that s only 4 microns. When the mycoplasma removes the cholesterol from the membrane of the red blood cells, they can t get through the capillaries and it cuts off blood (oxygen supplier) to the brain.‘ Professor Donald Scott, MA

Lipid peroxidation is associated with cellular damage resulting from oxidative stress (or Ischemia), which inhibits the capacity of cellular antioxidants, vital to natural immunity, by the unleashing of free radicals.

Scientific verification of demyelination (erosion of the casing around nerve cells) linked to mitochondrial breakdown (viability of cell function), caused by the intervention of vaccine-derived neurotoxins (Aluminum) and Mycoplasma, on early childhood development in the brain:

1. ‘For the H2O2 (Hydrogen peroxide – end product of respiration in mycoplasmas) to exert its toxic effect, the mycoplasmas must adhere closely enough to the host cell surface to maintain a toxic, steady-state concentration of H2O2 sufficient to cause direct damage, such as lipid peroxidation, to the cell membrane.‘ Medical Microbiology

2 ‘In a model of aluminum-mediated intoxication imposed to mice during pregnancy and early development, a 72% higher content of lipid peroxidation products was found in brain myelin.’ Department of Biological Chemistry, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina

3. ‘M. pneumoniae (Mycoplasma derived pneumonia) RNA can be detected in brain tissue by nucleic acid hybridization, and the presence of the organism has been demonstrated in cerebrospinal fluid by PCR and culture, and in a recent case of fatal encephalitis, M. pneumoniae antigens were immunohistochemically detected in histopathologically involved areas of a brain biopsy and at autopsy.’ Future Microbiology

4. “One of the contaminants that’s found quite often in vaccines is Mycoplasma…(which) stimulates the release of these Reactive Oxygen Species that damage the (Fluid mosaic) membrane…by oxidizing Lipids (ie.healthy cholesterol).

If the membranes (carefully designed to maintain a polarity, chemical & electrical potential) are leaking in any way, their chemical potential runs down (Ions slip through) and the electrical potential across the membrane is short circuited. If the Mitochondria lose their membrane potential they can’t make these high energy phosphate molecules that are necessary for our energy systems.“ Dr. Garth L. Nicolson, Institute for Molecular Medicine

Powerful antibiotics, such as Azithromycin, Clarithromycin, Erythromycin, Alfopristin, Dirithromycin, Evernimicin, Gatifloxacin, Linezolid, Moxifloxacin, Quinupristin, Dalfopristin, Telithromycin, Tetracyclines and Quinolones are routinely administered to patients suffering from Mycoplasma pneumonia, with increasingly detrimental results. ‘Resistance through mutation concerns all classes of antibiotics used to treat M. pneumoniae infections.

This combative approach merely masks the underlying symptoms, driving the infection further into hiding within deep recesses of the body.

M. pneumoniae infection has also been associated with neurologic syndromes, such as psychosis in the elderly, meningitis, meningoencephalitis, transverse myelitis, hemiplegia, ascending paralysis, cranial nerve palsy, brain stem encephalitis and poliomyelitis-like illness. The organism is identified either by isolation at the time of the neurologic illness or by a diagnostic rise in antibody titres.‘ Joanne E. Embree, M Sc, Juan A. Embil, MD, Ph.D

In older children and in young adults, the (Mycoplasma) organism is responsible for approximately 15 to 50 percent of all pneumonias.’ Medical Microbiology

Besides masking poor aseptic technique, the over reliance on antibiotics can increase the severity of contamination problems. This widespread practice is also a major cause of mycoplasma contaminated cultures.’ Bionique Testing Laboratories

The widespread overuse of antibiotics in vaccines has only strengthened the resistance of insidious pathogens such as mycoplasma, and rendered generations of vaccinated children highly susceptible to otherwise avoidable infections, diseases & disorders.

Examples of antibiotics used during vaccine manufacture include neomycin, polymyxin B, streptomycin and gentamicin. Some antibiotics used in vaccine production are present in the vaccine, either in very small amounts or they are undetectable.’ FDA

All antibiotics are potentially neurotoxic. Given systemically the danger of convulsions and brain damage is potentiated by renal failure or blockade…‘ E.M.R. Critchley , Dept. of Neurology, Royal Preston Hospital, Lancashire, UK, Membership of the Royal Colleges of Physicians

The connection between experimentation with human embryo fibroblast cell lines in vaccine production and the exponential growth of Mycoplasma cannot be under-estimated. This component represents the crux of the entire problem.

Biological products such as oncolytic viruses, vaccines, gene therapy vectors, and recombinant proteins are at risk from the possibility of contamination by bacteria, fungi, mycoplasma, and viruses that must be eliminated from the final product…Cell lines used to produce the oncolytic viruses can potentially be contaminated with adventitious viral and mycoplasma contaminants.

Prior to the institution of regulatory requirements in 1962, millions of people world-wide were inoculated with poliovirus and adenovirus vaccines, manufactured in rhesus monkey kidney cells, that were contaminated with SV40….Mycoplasma contamination has been detected in 15–35% of cell lines deposited in some cell culture collections.‘ BioReliance

Numerous childhood vaccines on the standard immunization schedule (MMR, DTaP-IPV, Hib, Hep A/Hep B, Varicella) are laced with human diploid cell residue (aborted fetal tissue): ‘Some vaccines—rubella, HepA, RAB-HDC, VAR, ZOS, and one form of IPV (the Poliovax contained in Pentacel)—are grown in cultured human embryo fibroblast cell lines (WI-38 or MRC-5).’

It is estimated that about 5 to 30% of the world’s cell lines are contaminated with mycoplasmas. Mycoplasmal contamination influences almost every parameter within the cell culture system…Mycoplasmal infection of cell cultures might often linger for an extended period of time without noticeable cell damage.‘ Cell Journal

Strategically speaking, Mycoplasma is biologically designed to infiltrate the body’s natural defences, harnessing the very resources we depend on for survival; typically misdiagnosed or evading detection altogether for years (‘may persist undetected in cell cultures for a long time without visibly affecting the culture. Nevertheless, mycoplasma can cause extensive alterations in the cell cultures.‘).

Mycoplasma can easily contaminate cell cultures. Traditional detection methods, cultural and immunoenzymatic often do not have sufficient sensitivity to detect low grade contaminations.‘ EuroClone

Children coping with Autism already have a compromised immune system, made worse by the presence of Mycoplasma bacteria in the gut.

Note: ‘The Institute for Molecular Medicine has found that over 70% of autism patients have chronic infections, such as Mycoplasma species.‘ Prof. Garth L. Nicolson

The accumulation of “toxic” (low-density lipoprotein type) cholesterol throughout the gut presupposes, in fact, may be a trigger point, instigating, spurring on, ultimately PROLONGING Autism related neurological, physiological, immunological & behavioral manifestations.

Patients with neurodegenerative & behavioral disorders (ie. Autism Spectrum Disorder) often have systemic bacterial, viral and/or fungal infections that may play an important role in their pathogenesis…evidence for systemic intracellular bacterial and viral infections in a majority of patients.

For example, examination of blood leukocytes for evidence of ‘Mycolplasma spp.’, ‘Chlamydia Pneumonia’, ‘Borrelia Burgdorferi’ and other infections on the polymerase chain reaction revealed high incidences of systemic co-infections…most common co-infection found was ‘Mycoplasma’ species. The results suggest chronic intracellular bacterial infections are common features of neuro-degenerative and behavioral disorders.’ Dr. Garth L. Nicholson, Institute for Molecular Medicine

Pathogenic mechanisms by which Mycoplasma enters the human body include exposure to the respiratory, gastro-intestinal & genitourinary tract, through infected blood, contaminated laboratory equipment, products or personnel, and via vaccine transmission.

Note: The vast majority, if not all Veterinary Vaccines are contaminated with Mycoplasma. Your vaccinated pet could potentially transfer this infection through contact with their saliva – ‘Nine live virus veterinary vaccines from six sources were found to be contaminated with mycoplasma. The vaccines were for use in canine, feline and avian species, and 53 batches of the products were at fault.

Potentially, administration of mycoplasma-containing products could cause bacterial infections, especially in pediatric, geriatric, or immunocompromised patients. Despite precautionary measures and systematic mycoplasma monitoring, mycoplasma contamination is periodically detected in veterinary and human live virus vaccines or viral stocks produced by multiple manufacturers worldwide…Other observed effects include alteration of mutagenic assays (restructuring of cells) and lymphocyte and macrophage activation.‘ American Pharmaceutical Review

The development and distribution of the original Small Pox Vaccine (circa 1800) established the ideal hot-house conditions for Mycoplasma cross-contamination to flourish, throughout the community.

During a time of desperate urban over-crowding, poor to middling sanitation, hygiene and nutritional standards, this medical monstrosity unleashed, set the stage for our current state of health crisis. ‘In 1801, when the first reliable modern census was taken, greater London recorded 1,096,784 souls; rising to a little over 1.4 million inhabitants by 1815.

“It would seem impossible for a rational mind to conceive that a filthy virus derived from a Small Pox corpse, the ulcerated udder of a cow or the running sores of a sick horse’s heels and cultivated in scabbed festers on a calf’s abdomen could fail to have disastrous effects when inoculated into the human body.” Dr. Beddow Bayly, 1936 

The species was first identified, under the microscope, as early as 1898, ‘isolated from bovine sheep suffering from pleuropneumonia (lung plague).’

The unique epidemiology and increasing precision of Mycoplasma, impacting an array of human diseases, disorders & syndromes, has some prominent researchers in the Medical Field convinced of collusion at the highest levels of Government – by deliberately re-engineering its active components, to be distributed via mass vaccination programs, mainly Small Pox, Hepatitis B, MMR, DPT, IPV, for strictly nefarious reasons.

Similarities between Mycoplasma and the T-cell disruptor in acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS): ‘DNA or antigens of the pathogenic mycoplasma or other genetically and serologically closely related mycoplasmas in infected tissue of patients with AIDS or ARC or patients dying of symptoms resembling AIDS diseases.’

What you’re looking at with this upper respiratory infection (Mycoplasma pneumoniae) is that it is a multi-factorial illness. It’s associated with a variety of chemical and biological co-factors. Just like with AIDS, it’s not the AIDS virus that ultimately kills, it’s co-factor microbes such as the Mycoplasma.

It’s man-made. It can be used as a biological weapon. It was developed as an AIDS vaccine-related organism. It was extracted from AIDS patients. It is responsible for virtually all of the symptoms which AIDS patients suffer from. The AIDS virus is at best a co-factor, and not even such a strong co-factor as to bring on all of the symptoms of AIDS.‘ Dr. Leonard Horowitz

I have all the official documents to prove that mycoplasma (commonly found in standard immunization viral vaccines) is the disease agent in chronic fatigue syndrome/fibromyalgia as well as in AIDS, multiple sclerosis and many other illnesses.’ Dr. Charles Engel, US National Institutes of Health, 02/07, 2000

The United States began a significant effort to investigate “causes” of epidemic diseases. In 1887, the effort was enhanced with the mandate of the U.S. Laboratory of Hygiene. This lab was run by Dr. Joseph J. Kinyoun, a deep rooted-racist, who served the eugenics movement with dedication. Two years later, 1889, we were able to identify “mycoplasmas”, a transmissible agent, that is now found at the heart of human diseases, including (AIDS) HIV.

In 1902, We organized a “Station for Experimental Evolution” and we were able to identify diseases of an ethnic nature. In 1904, we used mycoplasma to cause an epidemic in horses. In 1910…in fowl/birds. In 1918, the (Spanish) influenza virus killed millions of unsuspecting. It was a flu virus modified with a bird mycoplasma for which human primates had no “acquired immunity.’ Dr. Boyd Graves

These (Mycoplasma) microorganisms are now considered important emerging pathogens in causing chronic diseases as well as being important cofactors in some illnesses, including AIDS and other immune dysfunctional conditions.‘ Dr. Garth L. Nicholson

Regardless of how or why it got here, we are all faced with daunting task of having to neutralize this imminent threat. Eradicating Mycoplasma from the body requires a determined effort, focus on revitalizing your overall holistic health (a balance of trace minerals & antioxidants), by eliminating bad (LDL) cholesterol from our diet (depriving the pathogen of its food-source), complete avoidance of the common routes of entry, and adherence to a steady regime of proven, natural, complimentary antibiotics (food-grade diatomaceous earth, sodium bicarbonate, apple cider vinegar, virgin coconut oil, oil of oregano, organic garlic, kale, cabbage, lemon).

This process demands ongoing maintenance, self-monitoring of symptoms, varying of remedies, patiently calibrating each dosage, according to your own body’s specific set of needs. Results will always vary, depending on the degree of (predominantly vaccine-derived) neurotoxic damage incurred, viral, bacterial & fungal contamination which you are contending with. Stay the course!

Mycoplasma is a hazard of the 20th & 21st Century. the dark underbelly of Western Medical Establishment dominance over natural life: altogether complicit in usurping the genuine science of the body with that of ill-conceived allopathic treatment, thus over-stepping the fundamental laws and principles of nature.

Factor in decades of vaccine mass production, the use of toxic ingredients (adjuvants, antibiotics, preservatives, sterilants, diluents, stabilizers; compounded by irresponsible laboratory procedures), cross-species experimentation with a broad range of virulent “wild” viruses & bacterium, manipulated via chemical synthesis, reverse engineered, molecularly restructured, the weaponizing of the its primary active components, etc.

Such systemic Medical Industry neglect, demonstrating callous disregard for the properties of natural immunity, and a flagrant misuse of science. has enabled this super-pathogen to taken root in the human body.

Ask yourself, where has our systemic, blind faith in outside forces gotten us thus far? The essential question is, what are you prepared to do about it? Fortunately, knowledge is much stronger than tyranny. And in the end, the truth is stronger than lies. Our children deserve the right to a brighter future, and we must, accordingly, lead by example. As always, the solution rests with you.

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