Tuesday, July 25, 2017

What happened to a day of rest?

Pulse: What happened to a day of rest?

2 hrs ago

Driving on Cuming Street this past Sunday, I observed hundreds of lightbulbs brightly burning on various levels of the new Creighton University College of Dentistry, under construction.

About noon, I passed by again, returning home from Holy Family Catholic Church. Men were working high on the north façade of the Creighton structure. As on the east exterior wall, where their work is done, their attention now is focused on the details of the large ‘IHS’ on the northern exterior.

It might appear somewhat of an irony that even on “the Lord’s Day,” work is nonstop, even on the symbol “IHS,” letters representing (from the Greek) the name of Jesus.

Jews have for centuries kept holy the Sabbath, and Christians have been more or less keen on keeping Sunday holy, in part by abstaining from unnecessary work.

Apparently, those operating Creighton University and thereby the soon-to-open dentistry school have decided that work cannot stop on this new building, even on “the Lord’s Day.”

It’s commonplace for workers to break “the Sunday rest.” It would appear even Jesuits — or their surrogates — have joined in these “necessary” pursuits.

The Rev. Don Stortz, Omaha

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