Monday, August 06, 2018

Spiritual preppers' hunker down to win top prize

'An epidemic of turning away that was prophesied and is happening'

2 days ago

Convinced the world is spiraling out of control, millions of Americans are dedicated “Doomsday preppers.” Food, ammunition, clean water, medical supplies and and even radiation protection are carefully considered as they hunker down to protect their homes and loved ones from what they believe will be the bad times to come.

But what if they are neglecting the most important thing of all – their soul and the chance for immortality?

Jake McCandless, senior pastor and founder of Prophecy Simplified, is warning about this glaring weakness and urges believers to prepare by focusing on their spirituality, morality and faith in these troubled times.

McCandless is the author of “Spiritual Prepper: Tapping Into Overlooked Prophecies to Prepare You for Doomsday.”

The book, published by WND Books, was just announced as a 2018 winner of the prestigious Selah Awards, which are given out annually for a variety of genres by the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference.

McCandless contends American Christians seem to have largely abandoned the study of prophecy, especially younger believers, and he argues exploring prophecy is critical to revitalizing the American church, which is struggling because it’s been getting solutions from the wrong places.

He argues spiritual preparation is just as important as physical preparation when it comes to surviving what is coming. And he warns the Bible promises believers a coming time of testing when many will fall away from the faith.

McCandless is troubled, but not surprised, by what he has described as “an epidemic of turning away that was prophesied and is happening.”

It was with the aim of helping Christians meet this challenge that McCandless wrote “Spiritual Prepper.”

“This is an absolute tragedy, but the phenomena should not be surprising. Biblical prophecy gives us pictures of how things will be at the end of the age. The trustworthy images given tell us not only what the geopolitical and environmental scene will be, but Scripture also tells how people, especially Christians, will be at the end,” said the author.

You may call yourself a “prepper.” But are you neglecting to guard your most important treasure – your immortal soul? Don’t miss this critical warning about the time which is coming, when believers’ faith will be tested.“Spiritual Prepper” by Jake McCandless. Order now in the WND Superstore!

McCandless calls for a new spirit of commitment and a passionate search for biblical truth.

And he promises that believers who explore these overlooked prophecies and incorporate these teachings will be able to deepen their own faith and strengthen their congregations.

“One of those pictures is recorded in Matthew 24:10 where Jesus states that “many will turn away from the faith.” The original language behind the passage is not so much describing an abandonment of God, but Christians being made to stumble and to temporarily or for the rest of their lives on earth no longer walk faithfully with Christ.”

“This verse perfectly describes the scene in America. We may not be to the point of the turning away, but we are surely at a turning away. And the possibility breaks this pastor’s heart. I became overwhelmed with this reality that those I stood before each Sunday could possibly turn away. All I could think of in preparing messages and carrying out my pastoral duties was: Had I prepared them to remain faithful through the difficulties now and especially those coming?”

McCandless, citing work from other authors, claims 42 million professed American Christians no longer actively participate in church life. He also quotes research from Barna that indicates only 41 percent of “Christians” in America actually practice their faith, with even the study’s definition of “practice” being rather loose.

McCandless believes the church and many leaders are oblivious to what he calls an “epidemic.”

Religious liberty is under attack. Immorality is rampant. Christians are being persecuted — a fate American Christians often avoid. And many families and churches are seeking guidance as they watch their friends and loved ones turn away from God and their faith.

McCandless warns the relatively comfortable existence of American Christians is likely coming to an end.

“Right now we face scoffing, discrimination and the loss of religious liberty, these trials upon the Christian,” he said. “But if you don’t come to the faith with the mindset of ‘I’m going to be faithful no matter what,’ there’s a danger. And a lot of practices in our church are just leaving us open for attack and open for danger.”

After all, he said, “it was prophesied this was going to happen.”

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