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After Armageddon


Published on Sep 17, 2012



After Armageddon is a 2010 History Channel docudrama that first aired on December 21, 2010.
The plot centers around the Johnson family (consisting of Chris (Rob Hartz) and Ellen (Kathleen Cameron) Johnson, and their son Casey (Hy Rillero)) of Los Angeles, California, one of a small number of families to survive a global pandemic that, according to the opening of the film, occurs "sometime in the future..." [1] The disease began as a particularly virulent flu strain in Southeast Asia. Efforts made to contain the virus in that portion of the world are ineffective as global transportation networks carry infected individuals all around the world. Hospitals become overloaded, and the public works infrastructure begins to shut down. Eventually, the main characters leave L.A., encountering many hardships along the way. They make it to a friendly small town, where life begins again.

Interspersed with the above are interviews with various experts giving their perspective on what is most likely to occur in a global pandemic scenario.



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Arsenio A. Lembert Jr. said...

Note the reference to RELIGIOUS BELIEFS @ approx 107:00 min.

It is well worth heeding (believing) this expert advice. Under extreme conditions some semblance of Religious tradition will be enforced; and those that do not abide by them will be considered persona non grata... Also, scapegoats will be sought, then they will be blamed for the calamities. Just what prophecy indicates will happen sooner or later.