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"Out Of The Cities" The Sequel- In Practicum

History and Prophecy doth agree.

Hillary Clinton Alludes To President Donald Trump In Wellesley Commencem...

Nancy Pelosi: 'The Holy Month of Ramadan is a Sacred Time for Peaceful Study’

Pelosi: 'The Holy Month of Ramadan is a Sacred Time for Peaceful Study’

By CNSNews.com Staff | May 30, 2017 | 11:02 AM EDT

(CNSNews.com) - House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D.-Calif.) released a statement on Friday in observance of ‘the Holy Month of Ramadan.”

“Ramadan reminds us of the rich diversity of our nation, and of the many contributions that Muslims have made to our country as public servants, members of our Armed Services, scholars, artists, athletes and engaged citizens,” Pelosi said.

Here is the minority leader’s full statement:

“The Holy Month of Ramadan is a sacred time for peaceful study and contemplation, an opportunity for spiritual renewal and a call for leading lives of greater compassion and generosity. This month is also a special occasion of joy, festivity and celebration with loved ones.

“Ramadan reminds us of the rich diversity of our nation, and of the many contributions that Muslims have made to our country as public servants, members of our Armed Services, scholars, artists, athletes and engaged citizens. This month recalls our founding creed – ‘E Pluribus Unum’ – and reaffirms the fundamental truth that in our nation’s diversity, we find strength.

“As we begin this blessed month, millions are observing Ramadan under the scourges of war, poverty and persecution. At home, the dangerous, discriminatory Muslim and refugee ban slams the door in Muslims’ faces and dishonors our deepest values as a nation. In a time marked by a shameful rise in hateful attitudes toward Muslim Americans, let us affirm the duty of all Americans to speak out against bigotry and to uphold the dignity of all. May this Ramadan bring the blessings of joy, peace and wisdom. Ramadan Kareem.”


NWO and the United States: homosexual agenda exposed (2)

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Strong Delusion! ( 2 Thessalonians 2:11- K.J.V. )

Trump Should Ignore Pope’s Prattle About Paris Deal

Special Report


May 25, 2017, 10:23 am

It is an unholy pretext for global socialism.

The Vatican under the frenetic political activism of Pope Francis has become a nest of extreme environmentalists. Operating almost like an annex of Greenpeace and the Sierra Club, Francis’s Vatican has held a series of conferences and events that promote the rawest and most aggressive theories of “climate change.” As the ultra-left Nation has pointed out, even the Democrats are “to the right” of Pope Francis on the issue of climate change.

His predecessors kept a prudent distance from day-to-day politics, especially on issues wholly unrelated to faith and morals. But Pope Francis has plunged into them on all matters environmental. He sees himself as a lobbyist for the left’s anti-fossil fuels agenda. In this role, he had no reservations about using his papal office to promote a climate change treaty at the UN’s Paris conference in 2015.

“In a few days’ time an important meeting on climate change will be held in Paris, where the international community as such will once again confront these issues. It would be sad, and I dare say even catastrophic, were particular interests to prevail over the common good and lead to manipulating information in order to protect their own plans and projects,” he said.

He mocked a previous UN conference on the environment for not adopting more extreme plans to combat climate change. “Let’s hope that governments will be more courageous in Paris than they were in Lima,” Pope Francis complained to reporters on his plane during a 2015 trip to the Philippines.

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Congressperson (D) Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas, Asks Mulvaney if He's a Doctor During Contentious Exchange Over Proposed Medicaid Cuts

Jackson Lee Asks Mulvaney if He's a Doctor During Contentious Exchange Over Proposed Medicaid Cuts

Marxist Media Hounds Sean Hannity Over Seth Rich Murder

Melania Trump reveals she is Catholic

Melania reveals she is Catholic: The First Lady shares her faith with the world after meeting the Pope and spending time praying for sick children at hospital in Rome
  • Melania Trump's spokeswoman confirms that she's a Catholic
  • The first lady met with Pope Francis on Wednesday at the Vatican, where he blessed a rosary for her
  • Then she went to a Vatican-affiliated pediatric hospital where she met with children, prayed in a chapel and laid flowers at the feet of a statue of Mary
  • One boy she met, who needed a donor heart, will get his organ transplant, the hospital learned just hours after Melania's visit
  • It's unclear when Melania became a Catholic or when she was baptized
  • She and her sister weren't baptized as infants and didn't make their First Holy Communion along with other kids their age
  • Her father was a member of the Communist Party in Slovenia in order to work, and the party was official atheist
Melania opened a February presidential rally in Florida by surprising the president with a recitation of the Lord's Prayer

By David Martosko, Us Political Editor For Dailymail.com In Brussels

Published: 17:45 EDT, 24 May 2017 | Updated: 04:03 EDT, 25 May 2017

When Melania Trump recited The Lord's Prayer before a Melbourne, Florida presidential rally in February, the Internet went hog wild.

Now we know one reason why the first lady began with 'Let us pray' and 'Our Father who art in heaven' when she introduced the president that evening: She's a practicing Roman Catholic.

Her spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham confirmed that to DailyMail.com on Wednesday, hours after Pope Francis blessed a rosary for her at the Vatican.

The last Catholics to live in the White House were John F. Kennedy and his wife Jackie. Melania and her son Barron will move to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue over the summer.

Mrs. Trump did more than just show up for a Papal audience.

She spent time in prayer at the Vatican-affiliated Bambino Gesù (Baby Jesus) Hospital, and laid flowers at the feet of a statue of the Madonna.

Pope Francis blessed a rosary as first lady Melania Trump held it in her hand Wednesday, during a meeting at the Vatican; DailyMail.com can reveal that she is a practicing Catholic

Pope Francis blessed a rosary as first lady Melania Trump held it in her hand Wednesday, during a meeting at the Vatican; DailyMail.com can reveal that she is a practicing Catholic

Melania prayed in front of a statue of the Virgin Mary on Wednesday at the Bambino Gesù children's hospital in Rome

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Trump debuts in Europe as Obama returns to stir nostalgia for the old days

Coinciding visits, although unintentional, serve to highlight Europe’s radically different view of the incumbent president and his ‘painfully missed’ predecessor

Barack and Michelle Obama in Siena on Monday. Obama and Trump have not met or spoken since the inauguration, and that seems unlikely to change. Photograph: Fabio Di Pietro/EPA

Donald Trump
Trump debuts in Europe as Obama returns to stir nostalgia for the old days

Coinciding visits, although unintentional, serve to highlight Europe’s radically different view of the incumbent president and his ‘painfully missed’ predecessor

Jon Henley, Kate Connolly and Julian Borger

Wednesday 24 May 2017 12.03 EDT Last modified on Wednesday 24 May 2017 17.00 EDT

Analysis Nato members anxiously hope Trump's visit will bring renewed commitment
During a visit to Nato headquarters in Brussels, the US president is expected to formally declare his support – but conflicting administration signals raise concern

Donald Trump makes his European debut as US president this week just as his predecessor, Barack Obama, returns to the continent for his first visit since relinquishing the White House in January.

While apparently unintentional, the coinciding visits serve to highlight Europe’s radically different view of the two men. A Pew Research Center survey last June found 77% of Europeans had confidence in Obama – and 9% in the man who has now succeeded him.

The contrast will come into sharp focus on Thursday, when the current and former presidents have parallel public engagements in Europe, providing a split-screen comparison between their extreme differences.

Trump, on his inaugural foreign tour, which has also taken in stops in Saudi Arabia and Israel, has a lunch date with the newly elected French president, Emmanuel Macron, in Brussels. He’s also got meetings and a dinner with EU and Nato leaders.

Obama will deliver a speech alongside German chancellor Angela Merkel at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate. The Obama Foundation says the invitation from Merkel came before the US election, so the fact that he is in Europe as the same time as Trump is pure coincidence.

Here's Why Melania Trump Wore Black To Meet The Pope

President Donald Trump met a sad-looking Pope Francis at the Vatican on Wednesday, along with his wife, Melania, daughter Ivanka and others.

Melania and Ivanka both wore black dresses with long sleeves and black veils (Melania’s dress was Dolce & Gabbana, a possible nod to the host country). Although Pope Francis has not enforced traditional dress code rules for women at private Vatican audiences as strictly as his predecessors did, both women kept to old-school protocol.

This traditional rule holds that most women wear long black dresses with sleeves and mantillas, and only a very select handful of women enjoy an exception. These ladies have the “privilège du blanc,” or “privilege of the white,” which means they’re allowed to wear white if they choose. According to the World Heritage Encyclopedia, the queens of Italy, Belgium and Spain, grand duchesses of Luxembourg, and princesses of the House of Savoy are automatically allowed to exercise the “privilège du blanc.

There’s a common theme: Those are all Catholic royal houses, though not all Catholic royals automatically enjoy the privilege. And modern first ladies, at least, have strictly adhered to the traditional mandate.

“Per Vatican protocol, women who have an audience with the Pope are required to wear long sleeves, formal black clothing, and a veil to cover the head,” the first lady’s communications director, Stephanie Grisham, told CNN in a statement.

© Vatican Pool - Corbis via Getty Images President Trump, wife Melania Trump and daughter Ivanka Trump meet with Pope Francis, on May 24 in Vatican City, Vatican.

Seth Rich Murder Mystery: Who Killed the DNC Whistleblower

2017.05.24 Pope Francis receives The President of the USA in audience

Pope Francis and Donald Trump Meet at the Vatican

Pope Francis welcomed President Trump to the Vatican on Wednesday.


MAY 24, 2017

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis welcomed President Trump to the Vatican on Wednesday, shaking his hand before ushering him into his study for the first face-to-face meeting of the two leaders, who symbolize starkly different views of the world.

Around 8:20 a.m., under a crystalline blue sky, the president’s motorcade rolled into the courtyard of the Apostolic Palace, where ostrich-feather-plumed Swiss Guards saluted as Mr. Trump and his wife, Melania, stepped out of an armored limousine.

A few minutes before Mr. Trump’s visit, the pope arrived at the palace in a blue Ford Focus. He stepped out of the car and walked into a side entrance.

For Mr. Trump, who landed in Rome after stops in Saudi Arabia and Israel, the audience in the Vatican caps a tour of the ancestral homes of three of the world’s great monotheistic religions. For Francis, who recently made his own landmark visit to Egypt last month, it was a chance to welcome a second American leader, after President Barack Obama paid his respects in 2014.

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Timothy Leary -- The Man Who Turned On America

The following video is featured here for educational purposes, and shouldn't be viewed as a promotion of drug use or the characters portrayed.

To Soy or Not to Soy - Walter Veith - 3001

What to expect when President Trump meets Pope Francis

Catholic Populists Have to Respect the Pope, but They Love Trump

The Atlantic

A nun takes a picture of a drawing of Pope Francis depicting him as a superhero on a wall near the Vatican. Alessandro Bianchi / Reuters

How will they square their religious obligations with their political desires as the U.S. president visits the Vatican?

2:40 PM ET

Pope Francis is pretty clear about where he stands on immigration. Welcoming refugees and migrant workers is a “moral imperative,” he said last February. You can’t call yourself a Catholic and be anti-refugee at the same time, he said last October. To the pontiff, keeping borders open to those fleeing wars and poverty is a duty stemming from the Christian virtue of “caritas,” compassion toward fellow humans.

As populism shapes the global immigration debate, Pope Francis has so often spoken out in support of migrants and urged Europe’s parishes to take in refugees that some say the Catholic Church has, under his leadership, emerged as one of “the most influential opponents of immigration crackdowns backed by right-wing populists in the United States and Europe.” The pontiff has even called populism “evil.”

Right-wing populists seem, at times, no fonder of Pope Francis than he is of them. President Trump, who will visit the pope at the Vatican on Wednesday, is arguably one such populist. After the pontiff suggested last year that Trump was “not a Christian” because of his plan for a Mexican border wall, Trump called him “disgraceful.”

Despite the pope’s stances, some Catholics have been embracing right-wing populism. In Italy, the mainstream Catholic press—especially the prestigious newspaper Avvenire and the widely popular magazine Famiglia Cristiana—has remained skeptical of Trump, and has so far been relatively subdued about the upcoming visit. But Tempi, the magazine of choice for conservative Catholics, toward which some populists also gravitate, has praised the U.S. president and even features a satirical column mocking those who criticize him; dubbed “Trump che rovina cose,” or “Trump spoiling things,” it includes jokes such as “It’s raining, because of Trump” or “Trump scares children.”

Pope Francis, Donald Trump to Seek Common Ground at Vatican

Leaders aim to get past public rancor but are left with few key points of agreement

Pope Francis at the Roman Parish of San Pier Damiani on Sunday. PHOTO: AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE/GETTY IMAGE
Francis X. RoccaMay 23, 2017 5:30 a.m. ET

VATICAN CITY—When President Donald Trump visits Pope Francis on Wednesday, at the halfway point of a trip the White House has cast as a pilgrimage of peace, the two leaders will have a chance to reset an acrimonious public relationship.

Yet the two men, famously divided on the pope’s signature issues of migration and climate change, could struggle to find significant areas of agreement.

As of last week, representatives of the White House and the Vatican working on the agenda for the meeting had found few common policy priorities, according to someone familiar with the preparations.

Monday, May 22, 2017

The Pope and the President: Their First Meeting Will Be Worth Watching Closely

(CNA photo)

Editorial | May. 19, 2017

EDITORIAL: Meeting May 24, they could be great, but unlikely, partners.
The Editors

Pope Francis and President Donald Trump will meet May 24 in the Vatican. And while Holy See watchers debate the possible topics and tone of their private conversation, it was the Holy Father who offered a clue on his own plans for engaging the new U.S. president, who has already crossed swords with the Church leader on immigration and climate change.

“Always, there are doors that are not closed. Look for the doors that are at least a little bit open, enter and talk about common things, and go on — step by step,” said Pope Francis in response to a reporter’s question during a May 13 news conference on his return flight from Fatima.

If Francis adheres to his plan to find a tiny opening in the shared concerns of two unorthodox heads of state, Catholics may expect the Pope and president to tackle a number of looming crises, from the threat posed by North Korea’s nuclear-weapons program and the plight of persecuted Christians in the Middle East to the stalled Israel-Palestinian Authority peace talks and Venezuela’s precipitous downward spiral.

The U.S. and key Asian allies are openly debating military action against North Korea as it continues to conduct test flights of intercontinental ballistic missiles that could strike its neighbors, and, soon, perhaps California. But the Pope has called for a more intensive campaign of diplomacy and urged the United Nations to take a stronger position.

Trump and Francis may have a more fruitful discussion as they address problems faced by Christians in the Middle East and beyond. The Holy Father has repeatedly called on “political leaders to employ every means to ensure that individuals and communities, including Christians, remain in their homelands and enjoy the fundamental right to live in peace and security.” Back in the U.S., Trump is facing pressure from social conservatives to improve security and aid for Christians in Syria, Iraq and Egypt, and to provide a streamlined resettlement process for those forced to flee their ancestral homelands.

Meanwhile, the Pope and president will weigh fresh efforts to resume peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Francis has endorsed this move, and Trump has pledged to facilitate another round of negotiations.

However, when the conversation shifts to Venezuela, where unchecked inflation, food shortages and crime sparked violent protests and a crackdown by the embattled socialist government, joint action seems unlikely. Francis has called for “peace, reconciliation and democracy” in Venezuela, but there is no robust regional effort to resolve the crisis, and Trump has said little publicly about it.

Yet it would be a mistake to reduce the Francis-Trump summit to an exchange of foreign-policy goals. Both men will also have a chance to share their thoughts about fractured Western democracies that grapple with the competing demands of globalization and nationalism.

“You are called to defend and preserve the dignity of your fellow citizens in the tireless and demanding pursuit of the common good, for this is the chief aim of all politics,” Pope Francis said during his address before the joint session of the U.S. Congress two years ago. “A political society endures when it seeks, as a vocation, to satisfy common needs by stimulating the growth of all its members, especially those in situations of greater vulnerability or risk.”

Francis is expected to return to this message with Trump, presenting an integrated vision of the common good that embraces life, marriage and solidarity with immigrants and the poor as complementary social and moral values.

Trump has adopted an unapologetically pro-life agenda, including his recent expansion of the Mexico City Policy. These measures are primarily concerned with abortion and religious freedom. But the president has yet to make a connection with policies that uphold marriage as a union of one man and one woman as a pro-life value.

Catholic and natural-law principles affirm the truth that marriage is the sanctuary of life, and any attempt to challenge that foundational social unit will pose a direct threat to unborn human life. Thus, Trump’s strong stand against legal abortion could be an opening for Francis to forge a broader vision of practices that affirm and secure human dignity and the sanctity of life.

Francis could also build on Trump’s stated respect for religious freedom and the ultimate, transcendent authority of the Creator. “[W]e don’t worship government — we worship God,” said Trump during his commencement address at Liberty University this month.

As political divisions weaken the republic, God remains the wellspring of unity. But Francis can remind Trump that it is not enough to invoke the Creator’s name; a political leader must first abide by God’s laws if he seeks to protect and defend a nation.

Likewise, Trump may reciprocate with a bold request that the Pope adopt a more generous view of U.S.-style capitalism, along with a more skeptical approach to socialist policies that fueled the destabilization of Venezuela’s once-thriving economy. At the same time, a president who arrived in office as a political outsider bent on improving job prospects for the forgotten working class may garner sympathy from the Church’s first Latin American-born pope, who has applauded the early initiatives of President Juan Peron (1946-1955, 1973- 1974), the charismatic Argentinian populist who challenged an economic and political system controlled by elites.

“At one level, President Trump and Pope Francis could not be more different,” observed Bradley Lewis, a political philosopher at The Catholic University of America. “The Holy Father is a famously austere man, an ascetic. Donald Trump has spent his life amassing a vast fortune and boasting about it. However, they have something in common: Each has set himself against a certain aspect of globalization.”

In his 2015 encyclical, Laudato Si (Care for Our Common Home), the Pope attacked trade deals that despoiled the land and left small farmers without a livelihood, while Trump has blamed NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) for sending jobs overseas.

Both unique and unpredictable personalities, the Pope and president meet at a time of global crisis. They could be great, but unlikely, partners, and their first meeting will be worth watching closely. Pray for them both.



Other US presidents' visits to the Vatican

Jesuit Superior General ‘signed letter praising Fidel Castro in 1989’

by Staff Reporter
posted Friday, 19 May 2017

Fr Arturo Sosa Abascal, superior general of the Jesuits (CNS)

The signatories expressed their 'respect for what you, as the main leader of the Cuban Revolution, have achieved for the dignity of your people'

Jesuit superior general Fr Arturo Sosa allegedly signed a letter praising Cuban dictator Fidel Castro in 1989.

Infovaticana says that ahead of the communist leader’s visit to Venezuela that year, nearly 1,000 “intellectuals and artists” sent him a “manifesto” welcoming him to their country.

The 810th name on the list of signatories is “Arturo Sosa, S.J.,” of the Centro Gumilla, of which he was director at the time.

The letter begins: “We… wish to publicly express our respect for what you, as the main leader of the Cuban Revolution, have achieved for the dignity of your people and therefore for all Latin America.”

It goes on to say that “only ideological blindness can deny the place the process you represent occupies in the history of the liberation of our peoples.”

The letter also describes Castro’s overthrow of the Batista government as an “exemplary victory over tyranny, corruption and servitude”, with the signatories pledging to use him as an example in their hope of creating a “just, independent” Latin America.

Castro’s regime brutally suppressed the Catholic Church after seizing power in 1959, nationalising Church schools, censoring publications and expelling priests.

It was only in the 1990s, some years after the letter was signed, that the Cuban government began relaxing restrictions on the Church.

Fr Sosa was elected 31st superior general of the Jesuits in October last year, succeeding Fr Adolfo Nicolas.

Observers have regarded him as being very left wing in the past, with the Centro Gumilla adopting a stance close to Liberation Theology. However, he later became disillusioned with the regime of late Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez.



Unmistakable Signs of the Second Coming of Christ - Ed Reid

Unmistakable Signs - Ed Reid

Prophetic Signs דָּוִיד

Published on May 22, 2017

Originally Published on Jun 18, 2016

When time is running out, and knowledge have increased, who is there to sound the alarm that Christ return is near?
Look to no one but Christ, and let's not fool ourselves thinking that Christ will receive willful sinners into His kingdom.
Only those who love Him and have overcame sin, and follow Him.

A Warning To The World - The Jesuit Agenda

Original Video MIRRORED With No Copyright Intended
Ellen White

Donald Trump’s Ambitious First Foreign Trip Features Three of World’s Biggest Religions

Joe Raedle/Getty

by Charlie Spiering18 May 2017611

President Donald Trump leaves for his first foreign trip of his presidency Friday, highlighting three of the world’s biggest religions with visits to Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the Vatican City.

“I’ll meet scores of leader, and honor the holiest sites of these three great religions,” Trump said during a speech on Wednesday, previewing his trip to Coast Guard graduates.

Despite the political chaos in Washington, White House officials have been working steadily behind the scenes planning the logistics of Trump’s travel to four countries over eight days, despite concerns from skeptics that the trip is too big and too ambitious.

“No president has ever visited the homelands of three of the of the world’s great faiths in the same trip before, faiths which are professed by millions of Americans,” a White House official told Breitbart News, pointing out that the president was “very excited” to make the trip.

In Saudi Arabia, Trump will help inaugurate a center committed to fighting extremism online and in public while promoting a moderate vision of Islam. While visiting with over 50 leaders of the Muslim worlds, he will deliver a tough speech, challenging them to tackle radical Islamic terrorism.

“He’ll talk about what unites us in uplifting terms, but he’ll also be very blunt in talking about the need to confront extremism and the fact that many in the Muslim world have not only not done enough, they’ve actively abetted this extremism, even as some of them have talked a good game on the surface but in quiet, continue to fund extremism,” a White House official said, previewing the president’s speech.

Trump also plans to seek defense and trade agreements with the Saudi’s, helping them deter Iran and promote jobs and investments in the United States.

In Israel, Trump will continue boosting his friendship with Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, after eight years of the relationship deteriorating under former President Barack Obama.

The president plans to be the first serving U.S. president to visit the Western Wall, one of the holiest sites in the Jewish faith. The White House is aware of reports that an American diplomat refused to allow Netanyahu to join Trump on the visit, but an official cautioned that the reported comments did not reflect the president’s views.

Trump will visit the Wall with the Rabbi of the site, something that a White House official described as “completely appropriate” due to the spiritual nature of the site and the visit.

First Lady Melania Trump will be with the president for part of the trip, including visit to Israel and the Vatican, according to WH official

In the Vatican, Trump will meet with Pope Francis, recognizing the importance of Catholics around the world.

“We think that there’s a lot of common ground there between the pope and the president and between the Vatican,” a White House official noted.

The biggest news surrounding Trump’s visit to the Vatican surrounds the lack of a U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See, a process that remains ongoing. Officials have still not confirmed reports that Trump has selected Callista Gingrich to serve in the position. A White House official cited a “dizzying amount of bureaucratic paperwork” for slowing the process, but promised an update soon.



We Will Love Our Neighbors as Ourselves

Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. Matt. 22:39.

The divine law requires us to love God supremely, and our neighbor as ourselves. Without the exercise of this love, the highest profession of faith is mere hypocrisy.

The worshiper of God will find that he cannot cherish one fiber of the root of selfishness. He cannot do his duty to his God and practice oppression toward his fellow men. The second principle of the law is like unto the first, “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.” “This do and thou shalt live.” These are the words of Jesus Christ from which there can be no departure on the part of any man, woman, or youth who would be a true Christian. It is obedience to the principles of the commandments of God, that molds the character after the divine similitude. . . .

To leave a suffering neighbor unrelieved is a breach of the law of God. . . . He who loves God will not only love his fellow men, but will regard with tender compassion the creatures which God has made. When the Spirit of God is in man it leads him to relieve rather than to create suffering. . . . We are to care for every case of suffering, and to look upon ourselves as God’s agents to relieve the needy to the very uttermost of our ability. We are to be laborers together with God. There are some who manifest great affection for their relatives, for their friends and favorites, who yet fail to be kind and considerate to those who need tender sympathy, who need kindness and love. With earnest heart, let us inquire, Who is my neighbor? Our neighbors are not merely our neighbors and special friends, are not simply those who belong to our church or who think as we do. Our neighbors are the whole human family. We are to do good to all men, and especially to those who are of the household of faith. We are to give to the world an exhibition of what it means to carry out the law of God. We are to love God supremely and our neighbors as ourselves.

Son and Daughters of God, p.52.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee’s Campaign Disbursed Nearly $10K For Super Bowl Tickets

Photo shows Jackson Lee 'on location' at Super Bowl

U.S. Representative Sheila Jackson Lee / Getty Images

BY: Joe Schoffstall Follow @JoeSchoffstall
May 21, 2017 5:00 am

The campaign of Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee disbursed nearly $10,000 of its funds for Super Bowl LI tickets, according to Federal Election Commission filings.

This year's Super Bowl between the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots, which took place on Feb. 5, was held at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas. Jackson Lee represents Texas's 18th Congressional District, which includes most of the central Houston area.

The congresswoman's campaign committee is shown to have made two separate transactions pertaining to Super Bowl tickets days before and after the event.

On Feb. 3, just two days before the Super Bowl, Jackson Lee's campaign committee paid $4,900 to 21st Century Fox, Government Relations for ‘Super Bowl LI Tickets,' according to the filings.

On Feb. 8, three days after the Super Bowl, Gerald Womack, the congresswoman's campaign manager, was reimbursed $4,900 for Super Bowl tickets, filings show.

Jackson Lee's campaign also spent thousands at a Houston restaurant on the day of the Super Bowl.

A $4,901.46 ‘fundraising expense' was made on Feb. 5 at Grotto Restaurant, an Italian restaurant located in Houston.

Additionally, J. Pope Consulting, a Silver Spring, Md.-based consulting firm, was given $250 for ‘super bowl invitation design' weeks after the game.

Jackson Lee was shown to be in Houston one week before the Super Bowl at a kickoff event.

Ellis Wyms, a former player for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, tweeted a photo on Jan. 28 with the congresswoman.

"Hanging out with congress woman Sheila Jackson Lee at the Super Bowl Kickoff. What an amazing woman," Wyms said in the tweet. Jackson Lee can be seen wearing a "VIP Preview" badge in the photo.

A photo posted to Jackson Lee's Instagram account put her "on location" for the Super Bowl at NRG Stadium.

"We are #OnLocationatSB51," her caption reads.

Matthew Whitaker, president of the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust, a Washington, D.C.-based government accountability group, said the public deserves an explanation on why the tickets were a campaign expense.

"We are always concerned and want more information when we see campaign expenditures that are not directly for campaign purposes. Campaign funds should not be used for any thing other than running a campaign," Whitaker told the Washington Free Beacon. "There have been many cases of public officials abusing their campaign funds for personal expenses and for the benefit of others. The public deserves an explanation on why Super Bowl tickets were a campaign expense."

The Free Beacon attempted to reach Jackson Lee's field office on numerous occasions but was unsuccessful. An inquiry sent to the contact on the campaign's website was not returned.

Jackson Lee's congressional office also did not return a request for comment on the tickets by press time.

Rae-Lynn Ziegler contributed to this report.


Sunday, May 21, 2017

Bisexual Adventist and Former Pastor Alicia Johnston Contemplates Ministry After Coming Out

Posted by Audrey on May 12, 2017 at 3:00am PDT

Alicia Johnston knew what she was doing when she informed Seventh-day Adventist leadership in Arizona about her bisexuality; she knew she would lose leadership of her congregation.

Still, she made the choice to pursue an authentic life grounded in theology that identified her as a child of God. Now, Johnston hopes that coming out and accepting the consequences will help other queer Christians in denominations with conservative theologies about LGBTQ people.

“I thought, if I’m going to blow up my life I’m at least going to use that as an opportunity to give hope to people and help them see that they’re not alone, and hopefully also let it be a wake up call to people in the church that this is a big deal and they have to stop ignoring us,” Johnston said in an interview with Autostraddle.

Johnston grew up in the Adventist church, and she loves the church’s values and traditions, such as a commitment to the environment and weekly observance of the sabbath. She attended Adventist schools for most of her life (Adventists are known for having high-quality educational institutions) and eventually went to seminary. It was a tough road as a woman pursuing pastoral ministry in the denomination, so she was overjoyed to receive a call to Foothills Community Church, a small church near Phoenix Arizona — and near her family. At one time, she thought she would live out her career in ministry serving that congregation. It was “a dream come true kind of church,” she said.

The Survivors of the Coming Apocalypse Just Wanna Have Fun

The Survivors of the Coming Apocalypse Just Wanna Have Fun

Peter Rugg


“I used to be into guns, but that’s not a realistic plan,” says Michael Robertson, 69, of Utah. “How many men do you need to guard a place 24 hours a day? Twenty?”

About 13,000 preppers are gathered at this year’s PrepperCon in Sandy, Utah, the largest survivalist expo in the US. And around 200 vendors like Robertson, the purveyor of a $1,299 hand-cranked laundry machine, are here to ease you into life after civilization, after the power grids are shut off. Or an EMP hits. Or North Korea finally builds a nuke that can reach American soil.

Each booth might answer the question that saves your life. Is your seed bank properly tailored to your local soil? Do you have enough seeds? What if someone tries to steal your seeds?

As far as merchandise goes, there’s something for everyone—bulletproof backpacks for kids, off-grid solar-powered water heaters, a stun gun disguised as a Vape pen capable of delivering 18 million volts, gardening tools, swords.
Considering that we’re surrounded by people discussing the collapse of civilization, there’s a real lack of urgency.

Why Mexican Immigration WILL END the United States

The Pope’s Marxist Head of the Jesuits

Special Report


May 19, 2017, 12:04 am

Fr. Arturo Sosa Abascal, a Venezuelan Communist and Modernist, is carrying out Francis’s agenda.

Understanding the adage that personnel is policy, Pope Francis has been planting Marxists throughout the Church, including at the top of the troubled religious order to which he belongs. In 2016, the Jesuits, with the blessing of Pope Francis, installed as its general superior a Venezuelan, Fr. Arturo Sosa Abascal, whose communist convictions have long been known.

Sosa has written about the “Marxist mediation of the Christian Faith,” arguing that the Church should “understand the existence of Christians who simultaneously call themselves Marxists and commit themselves to the transformation of the capitalist society into a socialist society.” In 1989, he signed a letter praising Fidel Castro.

Turn down any corridor in Francis’s Vatican, and you are likely to run into a de facto communist: Francis has a communist running his order, a communist running his Council of Cardinals (the Honduran cardinal, Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga), a communist running the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences (Margaret Archer, a British sociologist who has said that she represents the “Marxian left”), and communists such as the renegade Brazilian liberation theologian Leonardo Boff and the Canadian socialist Naomi Klein drafting his encyclicals.


12 May 2017

Michael Sean Winters from Washington

The first few months of the presidency of Donald Trump are a strange mixture of the familiar and the new. He receives heads of state at the White House, poses for the photo-ops in the Oval Office, then they hold a press conference with the flags of the U.S. and the country from which the visitor hales behind the podiums. That much is familiar.

But, the images of Trump, President Xi of China and a gaggle of advisers, all hovering around their ipads examining information about a missile test by North Korea over dinner at Mar-a-Lago, the Florida estate where Trump spends his weekends, that is new. And, the backdrop is stunning, a posh 126-room Rococo palace built by heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post and purchased by Trump in 1985. He converted it into a very exclusive club. Now, it has become the “Winter White House.” It is a far cry from the rustic charms of Camp David, the weekend retreat in Maryland most used by previous presidents.

Walter Veith - Why We Should Revert To The Biblical Diet / Ellen White....

Apostasy Everywhere, Will Your Anchor Hold? - David Gates

Mr Doom's End Times Report & Current Events (May 20, 2017)

Saturday, May 20, 2017

MK-Ultra Mind-Control Documentary: Techniques & Celebrities Revealed *WA...

For Pope and POTUS, The Audience Is Set

Thursday, May 04, 2017

After months of the kind of hemming and hawing normally reserved for a courtship, it's finally official – the Pope will receive President Trump for a private audience at 8.30 am on Wednesday, 24 May.

Five days after Francis told the traveling press en route from Egypt that no request for a meeting had yet been received from the White House, late-morning leaks from administration officials that the Vatican had been added to the President's schedule for his first overseas tour – a weeklong trip centered on the late-month G7 summit in Sicily – were confirmed by the Holy See shortly before 6pm Rome tonight.

The announcement of the summit coincided with the US' annual National Day of Prayer, which Trump is marking with a Rose Garden ceremony to sign an executive order on religious liberty, its precise contents not yet disclosed. Several prominent Catholic figures were present at the event, which notably began with a prayer from Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington, one of Francis' closest US advisers.

Of course, the context of the coming audience arguably makes this meeting the most intensely-awaited Pope-President sitdown of recent times, thanks to a history of direct and prominent clashes that knows no precedent.

The End Time Elijah -M L Andreasen

The lawmaking powers will be against God's people

Our people have been regarded as too insignificant to be worthy of notice, but a change will come. The Christian world is now making movements which will necessarily bring commandment-keeping people into prominence. There is a constant supplanting of God's truth by the theories and false doctrines of human origin. Movements are being set on foot to enslave the consciences of those who would be loyal to God. The lawmaking powers will be against God's people. Every soul will be tested. Oh, that we would, as a people, be wise for ourselves, and by precept and example impart that wisdom to our children! Every position of our faith will be searched into; and if we are not thorough Bible students, established, strengthened, and settled, the wisdom of the world's greprepaat men will lead us astray.

Testimonies for the Church, vol. 5, p.546

The Duty of the Present Hour

By Mrs. E. G. White / RH April 23, 1889

The present hour, involving our dearest interests, is an hour of momentous importance. Our rights as individuals and churches are brought into question in the agitation on the enforcement of Sunday observance. Conflicting opinions are disturbing the minds of the religious world, and the people are at variance in regard to what should be done in the matter. Events of a startling character are fast thickening, and the anxious inquiry is already arising, “What shall be the end?”

Those who keep the law of God look upon their children with indefinable feelings of hope and fear, wondering what part they will act in the great conflict that is just before them. The anxious mother questions, “What stand will they take? What can I do to prepare them to act well their part, so that they will be the recipients of eternal glory?” Great responsibilities rest upon you, mothers. Although you may not stand in national councils, or cast your vote, you may do a great work for God and your country. You may educate your children. You may aid them to develop characters that will not be swayed or influenced to do evil, but will sway and influence others to do right. By your fervent prayers of faith you can move the arm that moves the world. You can teach your children to pray effectually as they kneel by your side. Let your prayers arise to the throne of God, “Spare thy people, O Lord, and give not thine heritage to reproach, that the heathen should rule over them: wherefore should they say among the people, Where is their God?”

God is at work. He doeth wonders, and although he is high and lifted up, prayer can reach his throne. He that is turning and overturning, he that can do marvelous things, will regard the contrite prayer of faith from the humblest of his children. The prayers of Christian mothers are not disregarded by the Father of all, who sent his Son to the earth to ransom a people for himself. He will not turn away your petitions, and leave you and yours to the buffetings of Satan in the great day of final conflict. It is for you to work with simplicity and faithfulness, and God will establish the work of your hands.

We have a covert, a stronghold into which we may run and be safe. Our prayers must reach the mercy-seat, where mercy and truth have met together, righteousness and peace have kissed each other. The grace which is sufficient for all, will enable us to rise above the severest trials, and to endure the most trying tests. Never was there a period when so much was at stake as there is now. Never was there a generation upon whom rested such weighty responsibilities as upon this generation; for God has entrusted to the men of this time the last warning message.

Parents, ask yourselves the solemn question, “Have we educated our children to yield to paternal authority, and thus trained them to obey God, to love him, to hold his law as the supreme guide of conduct and life? Have we educated them to be missionaries for Christ? to go about doing good? Believing parents, your children will have to fight decisive battles for the Lord in the day of conflict; and while they win victories for the Prince of Peace, they may be gaining triumphs for themselves. But if they have not been brought up in the fear of the Lord; if they have no knowledge of Christ, no connection with heaven, they will have no moral power, and they will yield to earthly potentates who have assumed to exalt themselves above the God of heaven in establishing a spurious sabbath to take the place of the Sabbath of Jehovah. The tender mercies of this power will be displayed in prison cells and dungeons. Already preparations are advancing, and movements are in progress, which will result in making an image to the beast. Events will be brought about in the earth's history that will fulfill the predictions of prophecy for these last days.

Decisions will be called for and made; backsliders will either return decidedly to their allegiance to God, or they will be enrolled in the ranks of the enemy: Satan will have control of all who finally refuse to be controlled by the law of God. He will inspire parents to war against their children, and children to war against their parents,—to betray and deliver those of their own household to enemies. Coming events are casting their shadows upon our pathway. Fathers, mothers, I appeal to you to make most earnest efforts now for your children. Give them daily religious instruction. Teach them to love God, and to be true to the principles of right. With lofty, earnest faith, directed by the divine influence of the Holy Spirit, work, work now. Do not put it off one day, one hour. Teach your children that the heart must be trained to self-control and self-denial. The motives of the life must be in harmony with the law of God. Never be satisfied to have your children grow up apart from Christ. Never feel at ease while they are cold and indifferent. Cry to God day and night. Pray and work for the salvation of the souls of your children. “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” It is the mainspring, the balance wheel of character. Without the fear of the Lord, they will fail of accomplishing the great object of their creation.

You may be pleased with the brilliant intellect of your child; but unless it is under the control of a sanctified heart, it will work at cross-purposes with God. Nothing but a high sense of the claims of God upon us can give us the proper stability of character, penetration of mind, and depth of understanding, essential to success, both in this world, and in the world to come. Daily communion with God will refine, ennoble, and elevate the entire being. “The commandment of the Lord is pure, enlightening the eyes,” says the psalmist. “The entrance of thy words giveth light; it giveth understanding unto the simple.” The basis of all true education is found in the fear of the Lord. A soul that is molded by the truth of God will reveal a well-balanced character, ennobled by the grace of God; and such a character is a spectacle for men and angels. Parental duty has been fearfully neglected; but shall this neglect be continued? Shall we not now repent, and as parents take up our God-given life-work? We have no time to lose. Let us redeem the time because the days are evil.

The law of God is made void in the world, and iniquity prevails; but light is shining from the open door of the temple of God. Open your heart, and let the bright beams of the Sun of Righteousness shine into your soul, that you may be softened, subdued, and sanctified. The enemy of all righteousness is on our track. Satan is marshaling his host; and are we individually prepared for the fearful conflict that is just before us? Are we preparing our children for the great crisis? Are we preparing ourselves and our households to understand the position of our adversaries, and their modes of warfare? Are our children forming habits of decision, that they may be firm and unyielding in every matter of principle and duty? I pray that we all may understand the signs of the times, and that we may so prepare ourselves and our children that in the time of conflict God may be our refuge and defense.

The Review and Herald, April 23, 1889

And They All Fall Down! Pastor Bill Hughes

Omega of Apostasy : Part 4 ( SDA CHURCH HISTORY )

Friday, May 19, 2017

Happy Sabbath

Ashdod Port Charges Shabbat Rate on Sundays

Ashdod Port. Pavel Tulchinsky

Port charges extra 40% to load and unload goods on Shabbat - even when the work only starts the next day
Avi Bar-Eli

26.04.2017 | 00:49

The Ashdod Port charges importers and exporters an increased “Shabbat rate” even if their goods are processed on Sunday morning — well after the Jewish Sabbath has ended.

A request for a class action suit against the Government Port Company was approved in March, and the details reveal that the port charges an extra 40% to load and unload goods on Shabbat — even if the goods are being unloaded as late as 6:30 on Sunday morning, and sometimes even later.

For instance, in cases when trucks entered the port during the early morning hours, and finished being serviced after 6:30 A.M., the owners of the goods were still charged the 40% premium for work on the official day of rest. The extra charge works out to hundreds of shekels for every shipment.

Sources believe that this practice exists at the Haifa Port as well. In total the ports are thought to have charged millions of shekels a year for Sunday morning “Shabbat” service.

A private importer petitioned the Be’er Sheva District Court against the practice several months ago, seeking to file a class action suit against the Ashdod Port. According to the suit, the port is indeed entitled to charge extra for services provided on days of rest. However, the port is charging these rates on weekdays, too, the suit charges.

By law, the Sabbath and Jewish holidays begin at sundown and end the following evening when the stars come out, notes the suit. Alternatively, a day sometimes refers to midnight to midnight, it states.

In cases when Shabbat or holiday rates extend beyond this, it is ensconced in law, says the suit. The ports have no law permitting them to charge Shabbat rates on Sunday mornings, says the suit.

The port stated in response that the law permits it to charge extra on days of rest in order to cover its costs, chiefly the higher salary that workers receive on these days. It added that Israel’s labor laws mandate giving workers a 36-hour rest period every week. Therefore, workers are paid Shabbat rates until the beginning of the first Sunday morning shift.

The port warned that if the court rules in favor of the plaintiff, government companies would not be able to cover the additional salary expenses for these work hours.

However, judge Geula Levin rejected the port’s argument, stating that there was a reasonable chance that the plaintiff’s position would be accepted by the court.

The port stated in response to TheMarker that it upholds the law.

Zeitgeist Debunked: Jesus Is Not A Copy Of Pagan Gods

Amid Trump Turmoil, Some Begin Eyeing Mike Pence

For Democrats murmuring about the idea of impeaching the president, Vice President Mike Pence has emerged as a prime target.


MAY 18, 2017

WASHINGTON — President Pence?

For Republicans reeling at a daily stream of troubling revelations about President Trump, the prospect that Vice President Mike Pence would assume power should Mr. Trump leave office is a remote possibility.

But for Democrats uttering the first whispers of impeachment talk in the halls of the Capitol, the president’s unobtrusive and strait-laced understudy has emerged in recent days as a prime target — an heir apparent to an increasingly embattled president whom they are eager to tarnish.

“It’s time to talk about Mike Pence,” Emily Aden, the rapid response director of American Bridge, a liberal political group, said in a memo circulated on Thursday. “Pence is just as complicit in this scandal as every other Republican in Washington, and despite his best efforts to fly under the radar, he should expect the country to hold him accountable.”

Once again this week, Mr. Pence emerged as a crucial player — either as a willful participant or an uninformed bystander — in the allegations that followed the revelation that Michael T. Flynn, Mr. Trump’s first national security adviser, had informed the White House weeks before the inauguration that he was under federal investigation for secretly working as a paid lobbyist for Turkey during the campaign.

Mr. Pence was leading the transition at the time, although his advisers said on Thursday that he stood by a comment he made in March, that he had only then learned of Mr. Flynn’s ties to Turkey.

Pope Francis to join rest of Catholic world in celebrating Corpus Christi on a Sunday


18 May 2017 | by Catholic News Service

Pope celebrating on the Sunday 'can strengthen the participation of the faithful', papal vicar of Rome claims

Pope Francis will celebrate the feast of the Body and Blood of Christ and the Corpus Christi procession on a Sunday this month (18 June) and not on the traditional Thursday feast day, which is on 15 June this year.

Throughout Italy and in most other countries, the feast was transferred to the following Sunday years ago. The pope celebrating on the Sunday "can strengthen the participation of the faithful in this solemn, public act of adoration of the Blessed Sacrament," said Cardinal Agostino Vallini, the papal vicar of Rome.

Announcing the change in a letter dated 1 May, the cardinal said he hoped changing the date of the celebration to a non-work day would allow more people to participate in the traditional procession through Rome from the Basilica of St. John Lateran to the Basilica of St Mary Major.

The date of the papal celebration was announced by the Vatican today (18 May) along with a list of Pope Francis' other public liturgical celebrations for June.

Pope Francis will celebrate Mass in St. Peter's Square on Pentecost (4 June) and he will mark the feast of Sts Peter and Paul with Mass on 29 June in St Peter's Basilica and the blessing of palliums to be given to new metropolitan archbishops.

The pallium is a band made from lamb's wool, which is worn over the shoulders and symbolises both an archbishop's role as the shepherd of the archdiocese and his communion with the pope.

PICTURE - The Catholic Sorbs in their traditional costumes take part in a Corpus Christi procession in Crostwitz, in Germany, one of only a few worldwide to take place every year on a Thursday. Now, most countries celebrate the feast on the following Sunday

Former Democratic Rep: Trump Presidency Is Under Attack By 'Deep State' Intelligence Community

Leah Barkoukis | May 18, 2017

Former Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich warned Wednesday that the “deep state” intelligence community is trying to bring down Donald Trump’s presidency.

"You have politicization of agencies that is resulting in leaks from anonymous, unknown people and the intention is to take down a president," the former Ohio congressman told Fox News’ Sean Hannity. "Now, this is very dangerous to America. It's a threat to our republic, it constitutes a clear and present danger to our way of life. So we have to be asking, what is the motive of these people? Who's putting these leaks out? Why doesn't somebody come forward and make a charge and put their name and reputation behind it, instead of attacking through the media and not substantiating their position?"

Hannity noted it’s a real danger to have members in the intelligence community spying on an opposition party candidate and transition team under the guise of national security “at a 600 percent increase rate from the years prior to the election season.”

"Our first allegiance is to our country," Kucinich responded. "This isn't about one president, this is about the political process of the United States of America being under attack by intelligence agencies and individuals in those agencies, yes, as you said there might be good people in there, but there are certain individuals who are lifers who want to be able to direct the policy of the country. And if the president stands in their way whether it's a Democrat or Republican they'll just try to run that person out."

About Those 18 Undisclosed Meetings The Trump Campaign Had With The Russians

"Let me just repeat what you said, you're saying President Trump is under attack by the deep state intelligence community. Fair statement?" Hannity asked.

"I believe that," Kucinich responded. "Not only that, Sean, it has to be pointed out in October of 2016, that same deep state overrode the decision of President Obama and Secretary Kerry, to come to an agreement with Russia to a ceasefire in Syria. They overrode it and launched an attack against a Syrian military base. So, this is a problem in our country. We've got to protect our nation here. People have to be aware of what's going on. We've got to stand up for America, this isn't about Democrat, Republican. This is about getting what's going on in the moment and understanding that our country itself is under attack from within."

GC15:Comey Fired.Zombie-Catholic Macron joins Pope.Tyranny,Sodomy in Fre...

Thursday, May 18, 2017

POTUS Abroad (May 2017)



Published on May 17, 2017

Why is the mainstream media completely ignoring the Seth Rich assassination story? Is it because the professional hit on Rich probably leads to the highest levels of the DNC, or potentially all the way to John Podesta or Hillary Clinton herself? This is high drama not even 'House of Cards' on Netflix can touch. Will Lehr from Perpetual Assets joins me to discuss this, the economy, and the Comex killer. Thanks for tuning in.

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Trump Overthrown!

May 18, 2017

President Donald Trump has been overthrown by a coup d'état engineered by Deep State operatives in collusion with the Media. This coup and takeover of the White House by hostile forces is indicated by Rod Rosenstein’s abrupt appointment of former FBI Director Robert Mueller as Special Counsel and Trump being ordered who to pick as new FBI Chief. Note that the only candidates are establishment quacks like incompetent Joe Lieberman, Democrat and Al Gore clone, and the corrupt former governor of Oklahoma, Frank Keating, who was in on the Clinton Oklahoma City bombing coverup.

The coup has claimed as victims Congressman Devin Nunes, head of the House Intelligence Committee, and Congressman Jason Chaffetz, head of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Nunes was forced to step down as committee chairman and Chaffetz will retire next month from the House. More resignations are forthcoming as lawmakers are rattled by spreading word of the coup.

Trump will eventually be replaced by establishment sycophant, Vice President Mike Pence, who is cooperating with coup plotters. Trump, knowing of the jeopardy he is in, has sent his sons away—thus, the reason why they have been out of the limelight. Trump is being ordered to fire most of his staff and to reverse Executive Orders against NAFTA, TPP, and Climate Change. (Developing...)

Texe Marrs

RED ALERT: Attempted political coup now taking place in D.C. with effort to impeach Trump for fabricated “obstruction of justice”

Wednesday, May 17, 2017 by: Mike Adams

(Natural News) This is a high priority alert. The Washington Post, now exposed as a CIA propaganda front, and the New York Times (a fiction-pimping anti-American rag owned by a Mexican national) have tag-teamed their way to their desired finish line: The impeachment and indictment of President Donald J. Trump.

This has been accomplished through the publishing of a seemingly endless stream of utterly fabricated fake news stories, nearly all of which are based on “anonymous sources” that are probably little more than schizophrenic voices in the heads of the reporters writing the “news” in the first place.

The aim has been to accuse President Trump of every imaginable crime, from “leaking intel to the Russians” to “obstruction of justice.” Keep in mind that these same discredited media outlets gave Obama a pass when he laundered $1.7 billion in cash and delivered it to Iran on a military cargo plane.

They are the same fake news media that looked the other way when Bill Clinton met with Loretta Lynch on the tarmac in a private meeting to pressure Lynch to back off any potential criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton’s long list of crimes.

They are the same anti-American media that said nothing when Hillary Clinton cheated during the presidential debates by receiving the debate questions in advance from CNN. (She also pre-sold her anticipated presidency by collecting tens of millions of dollars in “donations” and “speaking fees” from foreign interests.)

They are the same media that stood silent when former President Obama weaponized the IRS to suppress the speech of conservative non-profits. Similarly, nobody in the media seems to be alarmed at all that Obama abused the state surveillance apparatus to spy on his political opponents such as Rand Paul.

These are all serious crimes, serious abuses of power and treasonous acts carried out by Obama, a Democrat. Yet the left-wing media remains silent on every one of them. What’s obvious from all this is that, according to the left-wing media, Democrats can do no wrong and all their crimes are whitewashed by default (even the obvious murder of Seth Rich). Yet Republicans are instantly guilty of the worst crimes imaginable, even when they’ve done nothing wrong at all.

Evaluating India's Radical Experiment In Eliminating High-Value Currency

Morning Edition

Published by Morning Edition 

May 18, 2017 · by Stacey Vanek Smith



VENEZUELA FOOD CRISIS - The People Are Starving

Monday, May 15, 2017

Two Allies The Beast and its Image / In the Stream of Time - Walter Vieth / 254

OMEGA OF APOSTASY (Original Documentary)

Time To Leave The Cities

The Lust for Nakedness

May 15

Whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart. Matthew 5:28.

Many of the young are eager for books. They read everything they can obtain. Exciting love stories and impure pictures have a corrupting influence. Novels are eagerly perused by many, and, as the result, their imagination becomes defiled. In the cars, photographs of females in a state of nudity are frequently circulated for sale. These disgusting pictures are ... hung upon the walls of those who deal in engravings. This is an age when corruption is teeming everywhere. The lust of the eye and corrupt passions are aroused by beholding and by reading. The heart is corrupted through the imagination. The mind takes pleasure in contemplating scenes which awaken the lower and baser passions. These vile images, seen through defiled imagination, corrupt the morals and prepare the deluded, infatuated beings to give loose rein to lustful passions. Then follow sins and crimes which drag beings formed in the image of God down to a level with the beasts, sinking them at last in perdition. Avoid reading and seeing things which will suggest impure thoughts. Cultivate the moral and intellectual powers. Let not these noble powers become enfeebled and perverted by much reading of even storybooks....

It is impossible for the youth to possess a healthy tone of mind and correct religious principles unless they enjoy the perusal of the word of God. This book contains the most interesting history, points out the way of salvation through Christ, and is their guide to a higher and better life. They would all pronounce it the most interesting book they ever perused, if their imagination had not become perverted by exciting stories of a fictitious character. You who are looking for your Lord to come the second time to change your mortal bodies, and to fashion them like unto His most glorious body, must come up upon a higher plane of action. You must work from a higher standpoint than you have hitherto done, or you will not be of that number who will receive the finishing touch of immortality.

Maranatha, p, 143.

Trump to Nominate Callista Gingrich as Vatican Ambassador

Callista Gingrich, left, is expected to be nominated as the next ambassador to the Vatican. Ms. Gingrich is the wife of Newt Gingrich, the former House speaker.JACQUES DEMARTHON/AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE — GETTY IMAGES

May 14, 2017

ROME — Less than two weeks before a potentially tense and diplomatically delicate meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican, President Trump has apparently settled on nominating Callista Gingrich, the wife of Newt Gingrich, the former House speaker, as the United States ambassador to the Holy See, according to two people close to the president.

The White House did not respond to a request for comment, and the announcement is pending approval from the Office of Government Ethics, according to CNN, which first reported the news on Sunday.

Mr. Gingrich, reached by phone on Sunday evening, declined to confirm or deny that his wife would be nominated, saying only that he and his wife were told to “be very cautious” until an actual nomination was announced.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Pope says he'll seek common ground with Trump, won't preach

By nicole winfield, associated press ABOARD THE PAPAL PLANE — May 13, 2017, 3:12 PM ET


The Associated Press

Pope Francis addresses journalists during the traditional press conference on his flight back to Rome, following a two-day visit at Fatima, Portugal, Saturday, May 13, 2017. Pope Francis added two Portuguese shepherd children to the roster of Catholic saints Saturday, honoring young siblings whose reported visions of the Virgin Mary 100 years ago turned the Portuguese farm town of Fatima into one of the world's most important Catholic shrines. (Tiziana Fabi/Pool Photo via AP)

Pope Francis says he won't try to convince U.S. President Donald Trump to soften his policies on immigration and the environment when they meet this month, but wants instead to find common ground and work for peace.

Francis said proselytizing isn't his style — in politics or religion.

Speaking to reporters while traveling home Saturday from a trip to Portugal, Francis said he would say what he thinks sincerely to Trump and listen respectfully to what Trump has to say.

"I never make a judgment about a person without hearing him out," the pope said.

Speculation has swirled about what Trump and Francis will discuss during their May 24 audience, given Francis has already said anyone who wants to build walls to keep out migrants is "not Christian."
Trump, who made building a wall along the border with Mexico a signature campaign promise, responded by saying it was "disgraceful" that the pope would question his faith.

Francis said that in talks, he always tries to find "doors that are at least a little bit open" where common ground can be found, particularly in peace-building.

"Peace is artisanal. You do it every day," he said.

Asked specifically if he would try to soften Trump's policies, Francis said: "That is a political calculation that I don't allow myself to make. Also in the religious sphere: I don't proselytize."

Trump will call on Francis mid-way through his first foreign trip, after visiting Saudi Arabia and Israel and before attending a NATO summit in Brussels and a G-7 summit in Italy.