Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Blogging on a Wing and a Prayer


Since I've started blogging in 2006, I decided Nothing would stop me... recently my laptop is being repaired and my back-up, old PC is also on the blink.  So to continue posting I've resorted to blogging  with a smart phone.  Thought you would be interested why the site is not up to par lately. This is a difficult task, learning and how to do it.
Updated 10/1/14


Free Independent said...

I did not notice your blog not being up to par, Arsenio! Looks great! God bless you!

John Trainor

Arsenio A. Lembert Jr. said...

I'm improvising since most means for posting on line are becoming harder for me to use them.

Murphy's Law... All is breaking down, everything is becoming out of order; Two days ago the local cell tower was down and Google was impeding me from signing in to my Google Account: Blogger, Google+, You tube, GMail, etc.

That's what is happening...