Wednesday, December 30, 2015

It's a puppet act with a purpose

A man and his puppet perform on Semoran Blvd. to make a living.

Orlando Sentinel

Third-generation ventriloquist and his puppet give street performances in Orlando

April 17, 2015, 6:05 PM 

Nelson Camacho says he is a third-generation ventriloquist and has traveled around the country supporting himself and his puppet Jose with donations from his street performances.

The performances involve a personal goal to share his faith by singing Christian songs and hymns despite the occasional argument with Jose about who should get top billing in their act.

They perform on South Semoran Boulevard near Pershing Avenue in Orlando.



Christopher Camacho said...

Nelson is my uncle.

Arsenio A. Lembert Jr. said...

Then, that means I know your Uncles, Aunt, and your Father. I lived next door to the Camachos back on Wadsworth Avenue, more than 40 years ago.
Give my regards to the family, Christopher!

Christopher Camacho said...

I think I've seen you on my Dad's Facebook, Arsenio.

Arsenio A. Lembert Jr. said...

That's me, known by friends as Junior.

Glad to meet you.

Welcome back.