Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Out of county reader supports Sunday Hunting here

John Dahlia
10 hrs ago

Dear Editor:

While reading the Preston County News & Journal online edition, I came upon a survey regarding Sunday hunting. Sunday hunting on private land only with written permission will be on the November ballot in Preston County. The online survey gave two reasons for voting no on the issue. As an American, I simply cannot believe how anyone who enjoys freedom or respects the Constitution, can vote no.

The first reason given for voting no was that Sunday is a day set aside for rest, family, and religious activities. In my opinion, how I rest on Sunday is my personal decision just the same as mowing a lawn or going out to eat after church. After working six days, I decide how I rest on the land I pay taxes on. For me, rest occurs twenty feet up in a tree with a bow in my hand. You won’t hear me. You won’t see me. Quite simply, it doesn’t affect anyone. It is simply wrong to rob a hard working American of their choice of how to rest on Sunday. For many working Americans, they don’t even have the opportunity to rest on Sunday. I have never had a boss give me a day of rest on Sunday when their is work to be done.

I cannot think of a better bonding activity that hunting with my family after church. It is not a decision to do only one or the other, but both. Sunday hunting and church peacefully co-exist in 44 states and 21 counties in West Virginia, why would it not work in Preston County? Taking my child hunting after church reaffirms God’s message. I choose to see God’s message in the woods. All of the top ten church attendance states have Sunday hunting. To feel that it must be one or the other is a fallacy and conflicts with the First Amendment of the Constitution. Neighboring Maryland has Sunday hunting.

If you do not feel that Sunday hunting is for you, simply don’t participate. However, don’t choose for me what I do on my own land. If you want to make decisions on my land then please pay my taxes. We currently have too much government overreach and prohibiting Sunday hunting only adds to it.

The second reason given is that the other six days are adequate to meet hunter’s needs. This totally disregards the working man.

Having six other days to hunt might be good for the retired man, but what about the working man?

I urge all voters to vote yes this November. Keep hunters, and their wallets, in Preston County on Sunday.

Cory Boothe

Quinwood, Greenbrier County, WV

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