Thursday, February 05, 2015

17 Hours Off-Line

Redmond, Washington's perpetual presence on this blog prompted me to take Endrtimes offline for 17 hours, and within minutes of restoring its access to the Internet, Redmond-Washington was back.  The Feedjit Live Traffic tool on Endrtimes reflects the last 10 visitors to the blog.

It's funny that 2.5 hours before I made this blog accessible online again, according to the Feejit Traffic tool, there was a visitor from somewhere in Virginia.  How could anyone or thing visit a site that's not online?

To further investigate these oddities I took Endtimes offline again.  Now let's see if this attraction (fixation) continues.

Things that go bump on line...



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Deborah J said...

Please don't publish my comment. I want to share my findings on Redmond with you privately. I have a blog too.

I have been searching because I have a TON OF HITs from REDMOND too.

In my research here's what I have found:
1. CAIR (IE Muslim Brotherhood) is based out of Redmond. Very heavy Islamic presence in the area, murders committed by radical jihadists, as well as a MAYOR who was elected by Muslims. FYI: I am a Catholic Christian. I have been outspoken on twitter and my blog about ISIS etc since they took MOSUL at the end of May.

Second finding:
Microsoft is based out of Redmond as well.

Third finding:
I've looked at other Christian blogs and they all have MANY hits from Redmond. Not sure about secular blogs, I haven't checked. I had THIRTY HITS from Redmond yesterday.

My deductions:
Either CAIR is keeping an eye on Christian bloggers (If this is the case, we cannot let them know we are on to them,) OR microsoft has got spiders coming out of Redmond.

You can follow me on twitter which will allow you to private D.M. me on my twitter accounts:

Don't leave a message on my blog, I don't have it set up for approval (because I don't know how.)

I am off twitter for the holy season of lent but I will answer important DM's (direct messages).

I look forward to hearing from you!
Make sure all personal info/photos (if any) are deleted from your site! God bless you.