Sunday, November 22, 2015

Redmond, Washington still compiling dossier of EndrTimes

If they were only updating their data banks, they would not be searching posts from several years ago?
Ironically, they only view certain posts of a peculiar (distinctly religious nature) type...


Mike Brady said...

You are in my prayers, Arsenio, as the time gets closer for the sites such as yours and End Times Prophecy get shut down for speaking the Truth. May our LORD and Saviour make His return soon!!

Arsenio A. Lembert Jr. said...

Mike Brady,
Thank you, brother.
Yes, the time is not too far distant when every word I've uttered on line and in person, will be placed before me, then I'll have to give a reason for having made or posted such statements.
I hope and pray that the Lord will give the conviction to stand faithful before my accusers and ask them to show me from the Holy Bible where is my crime.
The days of Religious Liberty in our nation are swiftly coming to and end, but as we see this prophecy come true, also Michael will stand and deliver his faithful remnant.