Saturday, January 23, 2016

The King of the North - PART 2 - Walter Veith

The King of the North - PART 2 / Repairing the Breach - Walter Veith


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George Martian said...

Walter, it must feel so comforting to know God loves you so much to see, see through the gift of his spirit because you keep his commandments. I have followed Jesus for 24 years in my own way. Taking a little here, a little there, for my own God. I loved Jesus but not with all my heart. Last summer I prayed I was not worthy to enter heaven. He gave me dreams. Not dreams of end time prophecy to to tell the world . But dreams to scripture. Dreams to search with all earnestness the truth of the word. I watched Doug Batchelor and studied if it were true of the Sabbath. I started on milk. The meat would come as I studied each day that passed. Mathew 5:17-20 was clear. Did not match what is being preached throughout most of the world. I was lead to you. I watched and was weary of your in depth teachings. So deep I did not trust at first. As time passed and I studied history in its truth I come to see all you share is truth. I love to watch your videos and learn something new each day from scripture and study my bible harder and feel so good that it makes more and more sense each day.I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing and doing it in such a way that is easy to understand. Now I share and am mocked more and This I know would happen. The most important thing I have learned is this. We can have the wisdom and still it means nothing, Without the works of faith. For we know that faith without works is dead. I think of God all day and talk to so many people even customers at work. I will try my best never to deny Jesus in any event. I will allow the spirit to teach me and grow more each day. Toward the gate . The narrow gate that I must work for. I must always remeber not to be tempted and turn in the worlds ways. My real duty is to help others come to him, then he can do the real work. Studying the bible is so important and not just taking mans words for truth. , May God bless you , and I look forward to sharing a glass of grape juice with you in heaven. Amen.