Thursday, June 20, 2013

National Day of Prayer Observed at Gordon Hospital

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More than 550 Christians circled Gordon Hospital on Thursday, May 2, in unified prayer.

In observance of the National Day of Prayer, the Gordon Hospital Christian Service Committee organized an event called “Circle the Hospital in Prayer” to bring together believers in prayer for the community as well as for the hospital’s mission of extending the healing ministry of Christ to all they serve.

“What an amazing experience of Christian unity that was displayed on our hospital campus,” said Dave Smith, Gordon Hospital chaplain. “We extended the invitations to all believers, and we had a wonderful turnout.”

More than 42 congregations were represented at the event, and more than 550 participants and employees prayed the simultaneous prayer.

“A human chain of prayers reached all around the hospital building!” Smith said. “I wish to thank all participants for calling down Heaven’s strength for our community and our hospital.”

Upon arrival, participants were instructed to pray from their hearts or pray the prayer from the card provided by the chaplain. The prayer in its entirety said:

Almighty Father of All Mankind,

Our petitions ascend to You from the combined faith of all Gordon County. We all need You! Our churches, our commissioners and mayor, our judges, sheriff, and law enforcement officers need You. Our service men and women and their families, our firemen, emergency medical technicians, ambulances, and medical flight team, all need You. Our teachers and principals, dads and moms, singles and newly-marrieds, elderly, young adults, teens, children and infants need You! Pastors and counselors, physicians and health professionals, business leaders and craftsmen, bankers and mechanics, maintenance pros and construction teams, and the victims of violence from Sandy Hook to Boston! All of us need You! So, Lord God, send down Heaven's power for good on Gordon County, the ministry of Gordon Hospital, and the United States of America! Amen.

Written by Karen Shaw, Gordon Hospital Marketing coordinator


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Arsenio A. Lembert Jr. said...

Wow, reciting a scripted prayer, then no "in Jesus' name at the end"?