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Things that make you say: What?

Valentine banquet a success

By Community Submission - Nelson Star
Published: March 03, 2011 2:00 PM
Updated: March 03, 2011 2:30 PM

The evening of February 14 saw the True North Pathfinders in full uniform serving tables for guests at the Nelson Adventist Church’s Valentine banquet.

John Papineau, former instructor of waiters, had coached the Pathfinders in proper serving etiquette at one of their previous meetings and now they put it to good use.

Guests were delighted by the wonderful three-course vegetarian meal in an Italian theme, including his ‘n’ her soup (a bowl of half white, half red soup), lasagna, salad, garlic bread and berry pie with sherbet for dessert. (It was decided by popular vote that the white half was the “hers” and the red half was the “his” part of the soup.)

Michael Mayrhofer of Vogue Portraiture in Nelson was on hand to accommodate couples wishing to memorialize the occasion.

Lyle Wozinca was the emcee for the program.

The club raised $250 for camping equipment.

By the way, according to chief cook Marilyn Pond, the trick for the his ‘n’ hers soup is to pour simultaneously a cup of white-coloured soup, such as potato soup in one hand and a cup of red-coloured soup, such as tomato soup in the other, into a rather flattish serving bowl. If both soups are not too thin and of about the same consistency, then they will remain separate.

Add a little swirl with a serving spoon (makes an interesting design between the two colours) and it’s ready to serve.

Source: http://www.bclocalnews.com/community/117358833.html

Evangelist’s wife enlarges male sex organs
By TIMOTHY SIMELANE on March 12,2011

TIMBUTINI – Lungile Mabuza, the herbalist who says she elongates male sex organs, is a member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

She attends church at Timbutini branch with her husband who is an Evangelist in the church.

When asked if her business trade did not raise eyebrows in church, Mabuza said her husband and church, the Seventh Day Adventist, had no qualms with her business.

This followed rumours that her church was now divided, as others allegedly felt that her business was against their doctrine.

"People should learn to differentiate between a witch (umtsakatsi) and a herbalist. There is no reason that I could have issues with my church because the doctrine we use also speaks on the use of herbs," she said.

Efforts to get comments from church elders proved futile at the time of compiling this report. Mabuza also refused to allow the reporter to interview her husband, as she said he did not want to speak to the media.


In another development, the female herbalist who has made a name for herself by claiming to use herbs to enlarge male sex organs says she is now under attack.

As a result, Mabuza is on high alert after some people made attempts on her life at her Timbutini home recently. She has since resorted to locking the gate to her home such that no one comes in without her consent.

Though her homestead is a typical rural home, she keeps it locked day and night in a bid to tighten security.

However, Mabuza said she does not think that her attackers were her clients.

"Those are well behaved. Even when there is something they do not understand, they politely ask me to assist them. They do not attack me," she said.

Mabuza said her attackers were known to her but said she would not divulge their names.

The herbalist was also not willing to relate how the attackers had harassed her, but insisted; "I trust no one now."

When Swazi News visited her home, the gate was locked and she sent a messenger to tell the news team that she would only allow one person to come in.

Mabuza said she would rather communicate to the news team with the use of a note. The messenger was then forced to go to and from the gate taking notes from Mabuza who was in her house to the journalists at the gate.

She recently told our sister newspaper, the Times Sunday that she charges a cow or E2 000 to enlarge a male sex organ. Her catch phrase is: "I will make it sweet and strong."


Mabuza said there were two options, that of enlarging the sex organ, which takes time and that of making it ‘strong and sweet’.

Unlike some herbalists who claim to give their clients muti to drink and also to rub on the organ to enlarge it, Mabuza said her process was quite different because it was like that of planting a tree. "We plant the sex organ using a tree. As the tree grows, the sex organ also grows," she said.

On the second option of making the sex organ strong and sweet, Mabuza said it cost E500. She said with this option all she does is give her clients herbs which they use.

Source: http://www.times.co.sz/News/26627.html

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