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2013 Australian Election - A Jesuit Agenda

Aug 17 2013 | Charlie Adams |

Australia is the only wealthy nation in the world to dodge the global financial crisis, mostly due to the mining sector. That is why Australia is a momentous target in the cross hairs of the elite who are trying to implement total globalization. To comprehend what direction our masters want us to go, we must look at the state of affairs of America.

The US economy has been derailed by risky loans, Wall St corruption and military spending which has incurred such a debt that recovery is inconceivable. Bailouts have consolidated wealth and power into the hands of few by propping up the banks and companies that are of concern to those involved.

The European Union is also floundering in shallow water with many members on the verge of bankruptcy. The middle class of the richer nations, are effectively being wiped out, as we see massive wealth distribution on a global scale. The reason is that a New World Order (globalization) must be built on equality, or the poorer nations will have no incentive to join. Which means lowering the standard of living for everyday Australians to create an economic equilibrium.

The global economic hitmen have a solution for the rogue robust Australian economy. It’s called “carbon tax” which is economic suicide.

The carbon tax is a death blow to the “land of plenty” because 33% of Australia’s emissions stem from export-orientated activities that include mining, compared to only 8% of the US. The reality is that the demand for mining resources will instead be filled by the US, Canada & Brazil while gutting the Australian economy.

The United States is the world super cop enforcing its plans of a global government on the rest of the world. However an unseen power is pulling the strings, the Jesuit Order which is the military arm of the Roman Catholic Church, and their objective is to reinstate the Vatican’s rule over all nations. Vatican City is not only a religious power but political, as Vatican city is a separate state to that of Italy having diplomatic ties with other nations.

Part of the Jesuit plan to subdue the protestant nation of the United States was proselytizing through education, infiltration, occupying seats of Supreme Courts, grooming presidents, dominating and subverting financial institutions and setting up Intelligence agencies. The CIA was a creation of Catholic secret society “Knights of Malta” member Allen Dulles. From beginning to end the New World Order is a Roman Catholic affair.

Which brings us to the charade of the 2013 Australian Federal Elections. The appearance of choice between Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott is nothing more than an US/Vatican hedged bet.

When Kevin Rudd assumed office in 2007 his policies conflicted with the plans of the United States. Wikileaks published leaked emails that allude to CIA asset Mark Arbib (now resigned) facilitating the ejection of Labour Party Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and replacing him with Julia Gillard, who appointed him Foreign Minister; perhaps until he learned to be subservient to the powers that be. After much grovelling and re-education he was reinstated as Prime Minister after Julia Gillard imposed the unpopular and diabolical carbon tax.

[Kevin Rudd & the preceeding Pope Benedict XVI - Becoming familiar with who really pulls the strings: the Vatican]

KEVIN Rudd's decision to take holy communion at the Mary MacKillop Memorial Chapel in Sydney confirms that he, at least at heart, is still a Roman Catholic, even though he does attend a Anglican service with his wife. But Kevin Rudd is not immune from another coupe de tare for misbehavior, as there is already a replacement waiting on the periphery. Minister for Education Bill shorten is Jesuit educated at Xavier university and is a leader in waiting.

The influence of Jesuit educators over former students cannot be underestimated – by moulding the minds of their students, the Jesuit Order retains influence over them, even in their more advanced years. There is an old saying, “give me the child until he is seven and I will give you the man.”

"Jesuit education would consist in the creation of “multiplying agents.”" -Jesuit General Pedro Arrupe S.J.

Tony Abbott is a man nurtured by Jesuit maxims attending Jesuit St Aloysius and Jesuit St Ignatius Riverview, where Father Emmet Costello was his mentor who aided Abbott in attaining a Rhodes Scholarship at Oxford University. Cecil Rhodes had been a New World Order advocate donating his wealth to the further indoctrination of future leaders after he died.

As Abbott studied at Oxford University he subsequently met another Jesuit priest Father Paul Mankowski, whom he described as “the finest man I have ever met”, who persuaded Abbott to become a Catholic priest. In 1984 Abbott entered St Patrick’s seminary located in Manly N.S.W, but later abandoned the idea of priesthood due to the rampant culture of homosexuality.

[Tony Abbott & Barnaby Joyce both Jesuit trained]

“Abbott's Coalition ministry is shaping as a kind of Jesuit jamboree. Not only are he and Barnaby Joyce old Ignatians, but Joe Hockey is a product of St Aloysius' College, Christopher Pyne attended St Ignatius' College, Adelaide, and Kevin Andrews lived at Newman College while studying law and arts at Melbourne University.”

Unique among Catholic religious orders, Jesuits take a fourth vow. While they all promise poverty, chastity and obedience, only Jesuits pledge obedience to the Pope. Australian politicians who are mentored by Jesuit Priests are unfit to lead Australia because conflicting of interests.

''We were set up to serve the Pope, not be one,'' ~ Greg O'Kelly- Jesuit priest & Bishop of Port Pirie diocese in South Australia.

“….through a mix of masculine Christianity and svelte intellectualism, the Jesuits seem to have been able to hard-wire a large slice of the next shift of political leaders.” In Canberra, as it is in Rome: here come the Jesuits ~ Damien Murphy - Sydney Morning Herald

The Jesuits were approved by Pope Paul III in 1540 to counteract the reformation that broke the back of Papal rule of the known world. The current Superior General Aldolfo Nicolas, also known as the Black Pope is working with great subtlety; propagating Roman Catholic ideology throughout Asia and Oceania at this present time. The first Jesuit to be elected is Pope is Pope Francis I, confirming that the Jesuit Order now has total control of the Roman Catholic Church and this has subsequently raised the profile of the order within the Commonwealth of Australia through high profile political agents.

The Jesuits pride themselves on social justice, which is a contradiction due to widespread cover up of child abuse and money laundering that still plagues the Roman Catholic Church. Recently we have seen the power of the Roman Catholic Church using government officials to cover up the evil conduct of Catholic priests in relation to child abuse.NSW Police have admitted shredding all records of a senior officer’s involvement with a Catholic church body which deals with sexual abuse. ~ABC News Australia Is this the social justice the Catholic Church is talking about?

"My history of the Jesuits is not eloquently written, but it is supported by unquestionable authorities, [and] is very particular and very horrible. Their [the Jesuit Order’s] restoration [in 1814 by Pope Pius VII] is indeed a step toward darkness, cruelty, despotism, [and] death. … I do not like the appearance of the Jesuits. If ever there was a body of men who merited eternal damnation on earth and in hell, it is this Society of [Ignatius de] Loyola." ~ John Adams (1735-1826; 2nd President of the United States)

So what happens when Jesuit educated men are appointed to positions of government? Lets have a look at the turmoil and hijacking inflicted on the United States government.

CIA Director George Tenet (Alumnus Jesuit Georgetown University) and NSA Michael Hayden (Alumnus Jesuit Duquense University) had an astonishing and catastrophic intelligence black out when 3 alleged hijacked planes slammed into the World Trade Centre and Pentagon. Yet, George Tenet was given a medal for his role in the 9/11 fiasco. Figure that one out

It is unclear what hit the Pentagon due to missing plane wreckage but Pentagon employees in that section were investigating 2.3 trillion dollars was unaccounted for in the Pentagon budget.

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld (Alumnus Jesuit Georgetown University) survived the attack.

Which brings us to Barrack Obama who was groomed for the presidency by the Jesuits as his mentor Jesuit Priest Gregory Galluzo is still advising Obama. Obama has appointed many Jesuit educated persons to positions of power.Every CIA director since 9/11 has attended Jesuit Universities. The NSA has been in the spotlight recently, turning spying into a global phenomenon that has outraged citizens. Roman Catholic General Keith B. Alexander continues his role as Director of NSA and spying on citizens.

The striking loss of liberties since 9/11 resonates concerns of a staged problem, reaction, & solution model of social engineering.

Within the United States the bill of rights is a safeguard against tyranny, however it is plain to see that an all out assault on the United States constitution is waged by Jesuit educated individuals.

Lt General Michael Hayden (Alumnus Jesuit Duquense University) has been in the spotlight for breaching the IV Amendment: unreasonable search and seizure during domestic surveillance, when he held the position of NSA director from 1999 – 2005. Now the scandal of global surveillance of citizens has extended itself to Roman Catholic incumbent NSA director Lt General Keith B. Alexander.

NSA contractor Edward Snowden has defected to Russia after he leaked documents relating to the massive breach of the IV Amendment within the United States and disregard of the constitutions of other nations.

Michael Quigley (Jesuit Loyola University Alumnus) sponsored an amendment to the Patriot Act prohibiting sale of arms to individuals on the FBI terror watch list. Which sounds reasonable at first glance, until we study the US government’s revised definition of a terrorist; that now includes whistle blowers, protestors or anyone who holds different to opinions of those of the state. This violates the II Amendment: the right to bear arms.

Perhaps the Jesuit controlled United States have taken a page out of the Spanish Inquisition history book?

The NDAA is an extension of the Patriot Act, insidiously crafted by Jesuit Georgetown University educated Professor Viet Dihn, and is a clear breach of Amendment VI (right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the state and district wherein the crime shall have been committed).

So the question that Australians must ask themselves: is what are the dangers of having a Jesuit/Catholic controlled Prime Minister in office? Will the interests of Vatican globalization or the interests of Australians be promoted? Remember wealth distribution in the form of “carbon tax” or by Rudd’s proposed switch to a version similar to the EU’s Emissions Trading Scheme is still wealth distribution and an economic inflicted wound on Australia.

Remember the promise of Bob Hawke (no child living in poverty by 1990), the promise of John Howard (no gst tax) or Julia Gillard no “carbon tax” and now Tony Abbott’s promise to reverse the carbon tax. Don’t be fooled!

During a campaign the air is full of speeches - and vice versa. ~Author Unknown

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