Wednesday, February 08, 2012

The American Crusade

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The final Battle for America has begun, and The Catholic Knight is calling upon all my Catholic readers to rally to an ongoing crusade for the religious liberties of Catholics in the United States. Recent passage of gay-marriage laws, and other elements of the militant homosexual agenda, have caused the religious freedom of Catholics to be attacked in various states. Catholics are now becoming victims of frivolous lawsuits by militant homosexuals, backed by the ACLU, designed to systematically use means of legal coercion to exterminate all trace of traditional Catholic religion and culture. This is nothing less than a form ofcultural genocide.

This is an act of war! Many American states have given the militant homosexuals the tools they now need to effect the extermination they desire. The time for passive defense is over. The situation is dire. The United States was founded on religious liberty. If religious liberty for traditional Catholics is lost, than no religious group is safe, and the very reason for America's existence is lost as well. This is not only a battle for the religious freedom of traditional Catholics in America, but for America itself, because if we lose, America has completely lost it's reason for existence.

The good news is that Leftist- Liberals actually FEAR us Christians. They really do, and some of them are very candid about their fear of us. So the time has come to stand up and defend our rights vigorously. They will back down if we don't back down. They will compromise with us of we refuse to compromise with them.. They will because they already have an innate fear of us, and they don't believe in anything worth sacrificing their comfortable lives for.

Therefore, The Catholic Knight calls upon all of my readers to engage in the following crusade. Remember, we are Catholics. We are an honorable and civilized people. We do not resort to violence unless violently attacked by physical force. Nearly a thousand years ago, our Catholic ancestors crusaded against the Muslims only after they had been violently assaulted by Islamic jihad for centuries. Their military campaign (the crusades) against the violent jihadists were justified. We, however, have not had to deal with that kind of violent threat -- yet. For now, our crusade is limited to a legal and political fight, so we shall respond in kind with the same type of force.

  1. Pray to Our Lady of America, The Immaculate Conception, for assistance, and familiarize yourself with the devotion to her.
  2. Financially support the Thomas More Law Center with your tax deductible donations. No amount is too small. Give regularly, as this will be our front line.
  3. Be prepared to file a lawsuit wherever and whenever your religious freedom is violated. Be aggressive about this, and encourage other Catholics to do the same. Contact the Thomas More Law Center for sound legal advice first, and do not be afraid.
  4. Begin organizing religious freedom rallies. Start talking to the TEA Party organizers about this, as they are well connected, well funded, and will likely support such an effort. Contact should be made on both the national and local level. We must form an alliance here, or we will fail. We need their numbers, and they need our support. Remember, we must all hang together, or it won't be long before we each hang separately. (I'm not kidding here folks, this is the radical Left's agenda for us, if they get their way.)
  5. Recruit faithful priests and bishops to come to our aid. Talk to your local priest, if he is somebody who cares, and not some leftover from the hippie generation. Tell him about the dire circumstances, and what you're trying to do to defend the rights of Catholics and Holy Mother Church. Get him to come to some meetings and speak up for our religious freedom.
  6. Begin local letter writing campaigns to both state and federal legislators, demanding our religious freedom be protected against the militant homosexual agenda, and don't be afraid to tell them that if they don't help us, you will actively work to find their replacement.
This is just the beginning. There are more radical steps at our disposal, and we may have to use them, but for now this will do just to mobilize the troops and get the ground war going. Please pass on this article to every Catholic you know. Feel free to use the "share" icons below, or you may cut and paste the following link to an email:


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