Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Cuban Revolution Rebel Priests in the Sierra Maestra


Father Guillermo Sardiñas in the summer of 1957 became chaplain to the rebel army with
permission of the coadjutor bishop of Havana.

Father Angel Rivas, guerrilla chaplain, wearing 26 of July Movement armband and uniform. 

Father Rivas attends the revolutionary trials.


Lucas Iruretagoyena, Franciscan priest
and guerrilla chaplain. 

Father Francisco Guzmán, helped draft the unconditional surrender proclamation of January 1, 1959.


Santiago de Cuba Archbishop Enrique Pérez Serantes embraces Commandant Huber Matos.

Raul, Ramon and Fidel Castro with Father Garcia, their former Dolores School teacher, Dec. 29, 1958. 

A priest and a Sister of Charity were among the welcoming committee that received Fidel Castro in
Camaguey during his advance on Havana.

Other Roman Catholic priests who aided the rebels were:
Cipriano Cabero, chaplain of Commandant Juan Almeida's forces, Juan Ramón O'Farrill and Jorge Bez Chabebe.

U.S. Senate Hearings: Communist Threat to the United States Through the Caribbean
Testimony of Rev. Father Eduardo Aguirre (May 3, 1960)
Testimony of Rev. Father Rosario Maxilliano Pérez (May 3, 1960)
Testimony of Rev. Father Juan Ramón O'Farril (May 4, 1960)


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