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Father Sosa on the appointment and leftist Jesuit priests

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31.03.2017 9:11


General of the Jesuits gave an interview in which he did not avoid questions about what has shaped one of the most important people in the Church today - Pope Francis and I are a product of history - said Father Arturo Sosa Abascal.

- we learned to read the Gospel in a different way. We passed a large path that is welcomed because it reflects the Church, which takes over the fate of neighbors, which is between them, and speak the language of ordinary people - the general said in an interview published by the Peruvian La Repubblica.

Appointment of Jesuits

General of the Jesuits on the question of the appointment of the Jesuits pointed out that "we all live in a wounded society: in some cases in a state of war, in other racial or religious discrimination in other social inequality. Latin America is still a continent where most social inequality and improving economy does not guarantee its reduction. " Father Sosa also added that "we are just a grain of sand, but despite this we have to act, we - people of faith, to bring reconciliation, which implies forgiveness, mercy and justice."

He also pointed out a very concrete example, how to understand "justice": "If someone killed my son, it is not justice to kill his son, because that's what causes the outbreak of war, violence and pain increase. We need each other to lift it."

Jesuit General also added that "the rulers not to commit follies", society must be well organized. "Societies need to grow politically, to organize, to adopt the goal of common interest, not personal. This is a true reconciliation."

Father Sosa also pointed out that the adopted model of economic, social and political "ruining life on our planet Earth," and that we have a lot to learn in terms of "reconciliation with nature."

Pope Francis and liberation theology

The question of whether coincidence that the Pope and the General of one of the largest monasteries in the world come from South America and have undergone the same spiritual formation Arturo Sosa Abascal said: "The Church made a very important step. The Pope Francis and I are the product of a history. It it is not a personal merit, but the Church of South America, who took to heart the second Vatican Council. "

Pope repeatedly wrongly alleged that as a young priest was a proponent of Liberation Theology and its elements are evident in his teaching. It is also a plea to the entire clergy of South America, which has formed in the difficult times of political upheaval. New General stated that this trend provides some insights that saved then the Church in Latin America, but they can not continue in this form.

- Liberation Theology przypięło the label, when in fact it was a blast of freshness for the Church. It is only a way of doing theology from the perspective of the experience of faith lived together with people - said the Jesuit La Republic .

Pope John Paul II in 1979 publicly criticized the image of "Christ as a politician, revolutionary, as the subversive of Nazareth," and decided that he disagrees with the teaching of the Church. Today, Liberation Theology has been verified by the clergy and South America were cut from similar vision, noting that it gave some insights, however, that can and should be used in accordance with the teachings of the Church.

Priests who practice politics

General of the Jesuits to the question of "leftist" the priests replied bluntly: "These are just labels, which, moreover, have faded over time. That's what really is important is the commitment to human dignity, overcoming poverty, the search for social justice. What is important is to become consistent with the requirements of the Gospel. "

- Man is a social being and must establish ties with others to solve problems. It is the policy, but the question is how to do politics. - Sosa continued his father - the Gospel tells us: "He who wants to have the authority will act," and was actually in the Church tradition of going into politics, but without using political instruments for their own benefit.

In the final part of the interview Sosa father referred to the current situation in Venezuela. The Venezuelan parliament controlled by the opposition accused on Thursday of President Nicolas Maduro of making a "coup".

- Currently in Venezuela, the poorest suffer the most, as ever, and as everywhere. And this obliges us to try to dialogue, because there is no solution until there is a government with a reasonable program of far-reaching effects. While Venezuela did not give up distributing crude oil, which revolves around the economic and social life, we will always have conflicts - summed father Sosa.

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