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Danny Vierra's Cancer Diagnosis

Issue #265
June 16, 2017

I want to be totally candid with you. In January I went to the doctor to have a bleeding mole on my right back flank checked out.


It was the third time the mole had bled. I applied Can-X black salve three different times, and the last application had the most violent reaction. When I showed the area to my doctor, he was alarmed and sent me to a dermatologist, Dr. Ochoa, in Tracy, CA. The area had completely healed before I arrived. Dr. Ochoa performed a punch biopsy and sent it to the lab to be evaluated.

I was driving to Southern California for a speaking engagement when I got the call. Dr. Ochoa said: "Please come see me immediately. In 20 minutes I arrived at her office to hear the news that everybody fears: "You have malignant melanoma.

It is a T-4 and stage 2B (I explain in the video below what these mean)." Dr. Ochoa scheduled a PET scan to check if the deadly skin cancer had metastasized, and then sent me to a melanoma surgeon and a melanoma specialist at Sutter Health Pacific Medical in San Francisco.

The good news was the PET scan showed no evidence that the melanoma had spread. The surgeon, Dr. Stanley Leong, explained the cancer can be microscopic and recommended surgery. He wanted to check lymph nodes it two areas above the primary site which he would remove. Every doctor I trust told me: "Danny, do not mess around with melanoma. It is fast-growing and deadly." Howard Strauss, Charlotte Gerson's son said: "Melanoma is like a volcano, highly active and aggressive, but with the right therapy it can also die fast. I thought of Charles Lawson, a friend of mine, who died not too long ago from melanoma in his sinuses.

I am not going to share what the surgeon found right now, but it wasn't good. I am thankful I had the surgery. I explain the whole story in my new video " My Personal Healing Journey (below)" which you will find both shocking and educational. In fact, I gave four health presentations, three on cancer, at this year's Health and Healing Crusade 2017. The links are below. The audience enjoyed them all, especially the " Cancer Workshop" which I gave on Sunday morning, where I explained everything from ozone rectal insufflations, immunotherapy and medicinal mushrooms, herbal medicines, enzyme therapy, the Gerson Therapy, and more.

My diagnosis is very serious. I count it a blessing because cancer wakes you up to life. So many people are writing, Facebooking, emailing, calling, and offering prayers and support. My spirits are high and Jesus is by my side. We are walking this journey together.

I will continue teaching at our BellaVita 10-Day programs and RISEN our medical missionary school. If you would like to attend the school and learn what I am doing to fight cancer this is the program for you. Check out the details at
We only take eleven students. The dates are October 8 - 22 to become certified as a Natural Hygiene Coach and open your own lifestyle home or center.

I want no pity, but empathy is OK. I do ask for your prays. I trust the Lord will be glorified by my healing. The doctor's main concern right now is that there is no recurrence within the next two years. I am strong in faith, trusting God in the journey, and know that my true healing is only through His divine power. I believe the Lord allowed this trial to get me to make some serious changes in my life. To lessen the stress, for sure. Nothing else would have persuaded me to make the needed changes. Healing on all levels, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

My health has continually declined over the past several years due to constant high stress. I have identified the areas of my life that are most stressful and am taking the necessary steps to eliminate them. I will NOT be traveling and speaking for at least one year or more. My health program runs from 6:30 AM to 7 PM seven days a week. It is not easy, but my daughter Mia helps me every day making my organic juices, Gerson soup, specially prepared food, and taking care of other duties.
Enough said for now. I hope you enjoy the cancer videos (below) and share them with others. I will be posting all the Health Crusade videos for my subscribers from the speakers for 2017 including Dr. Tim Riesenberger, Christian Berdahl, and Ron Woolsey, who spoke openly about homosexuality and the power of God to change.
If you would like to send me a letter or comment, email me at

Thank you again for your prayers.
God bless you,
Danny Vierra


I found out today 12/9/2017, that Danny Vierra is extremely sick, and a mutual friend of ours asks for prayers so that he may peacefully rest from further suffering.

Please keep Danny Vierra in you prayers.

Thank you.

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