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Council On Foreign Relations Advises Huckabee

NEWS BRIEF: "Huckabee Names CFR President, Richard Haas, As One of His Chief Policy Advisers" - CNN Video, December 16, 2007

Wolf Blitzer interviewed Mike Huckabee on CNN and asked him who his advisers were on foreign policy. One of the men Huckabee named is the current President of the Council on Foreign Relations, Richard Haas!

Blitzer ensured that all viewers understood exactly who Richard Haas was, naming him as the President of the CFR. If you do not understand what the Council on Foreign Relations is, or how it is being used mightily to drive the nations of the world into the New World Order -- the Kingdom of Antichrist -- please take the few moments to read our expose' of the CFR, NEWS1191, "COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS A MAJOR KEY IN THE DRIVE TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER!", posted originally in August, 1998. This article is just as pertinent today as it was in 1998; only the names have changed.

The CFR has been the training ground for America's leaders since the early 1920's, to enable successive generations of leaders to keep this country on track to the New World Order. You will be shocked to learn of the pervasive hold the CFR has on the leadership of this country. Since the end of World War II, most of the Presidential campaigns have been carried out with both the Republican and Democrat candidates being members of the CFR.

What is the purpose of the CFR? With Americans going to the polls every two years, a leader that would be courageous enough to make some tough, unpopular decisions required by the Illuminati Plan could very well be voted out in the next election. Then, his successor might take action that would cancel out the decision of the previous leader and the impetus toward the New World Order would be lost.

How can this tremendous liability be overcome? The answer was deception. On July 29, 1921, a plan was put into action that would overcome the problem with democracy and its elections. An institution was established called the Council on Foreign Relations [CFR]. Supposedly, this new organization was designed to be kind of a post-graduate training school, a Graduate school if you will, for selected leaders who aspired to government "service". In reality, the CFR thoroughly trained these bright and energetic leaders, most of them young, in the ultimate goals of the New World Order. Then, these leaders were trained as to how they might work in their lives, in their chosen professions, to aid the United States move her people, and the nations of the world, into the New World Order.

Before they left the training of the CFR, these young leaders assumed labels that they would wear for the rest of their lives, and by which they would be known by the voting public. Some of them would be known as Liberals, and some Conservatives. Some would be known as Democrat and some as Republican. Some would be known as Liberal Democrat or Liberal Republican and some as Conservative Democrat or Conservative Republican. While they would agree to strongly fight each other on many issues, they would cooperate whenever the issue was critical to the success of the New World Order Plan.

Therefore, the CFR is shown to be thoroughly Illuminist. Whenever a candidate embraces the CFR, that is a sure sign that he is totally sold out to their globalist agenda. Most Mike Huckabee supporters will rebel at this thought, but they must not set this understanding aside, for this one fact tells us that Huckabee is not the man we all thought he was.

By 1988, my research had led me to believe that Christians should never be actively involved in a political campaign. By this time, my research had shown me several things regarding elections:

1) The election is always rigged -- the candidate whom the Illuminati wants to win, will win.

2) All candidates on the national stage are signed on to the Illuminati Plan, even if they publicly say they are not. Do you remember Ronald Reagan? During his initial campaign in 1980, he denied that he had any tie to the CFR and ridiculed all notions that his cabinet would be filled with CFR members. Sadly, Conservatives were greatly distressed with President-Elect Reagan began tapping CFR members for his Cabinet.

The Illuminati has been pursuing this global plan since 1776. Do you think they will allow anyone to become President who is not pursuing their plan? A person genuinely opposed to the globalist plan will not even be allowed on the stage!

Therefore, Cutting Edge has never supported anyone for President, because we know that the entire process is rigged so the Globalists will get the candidate they want. Period - end of paragraph. We believe that people should use their knowledge as to how events are fulfilling prophecy in order to win people to Jesus Christ. We find no Scripture which tells Christians to become active in politics, but we do find plenty which tell us to spread the precious Gospel seed.

To buttress the reality that Mike Huckabee is supportive of the CFR and is now supported by that organization, we need to briefly address the issue that Huckabee has an article in the February, 2008, edition of the Council on Foreign Relations magazine!

NEWS BRIEF: "America's Priorities in the War on Terror: Islamists, Iraq, Iran, and Pakistan", Foreign Affairs, published by the Council on Foreign Relations, February, 2008

"Summary: The Bush administration's arrogant bunker mentality has been counterproductive at home and abroad. American foreign policy needs to change its tone and attitude, open up, and reach out. In particular, it should focus on eliminating Islamist terrorists, stabilizing Iraq, containing Iran, and toughening its stance with Pakistan."

"MICHAEL D. HUCKABEE, former Governor of Arkansas, is a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination."

Again, no one whom the CFR does not support would be allowed to write an article in its flagship. Ignore the public rhetoric which would lead you to believe that Mike Huckabee supports your Christian viewpoint, for the facts are screaming very loudly that the contrary is true.


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