Sunday, April 29, 2018

Does the Royal Mail deliver post on Sundays?

Olivia Waring

Sunday 29 Apr 2018 4:16 pm

Does Royal Mail ever drop stuff through your letterbox on a Sunday? (Picture: Getty)

Mail delivery services in the UK have always been limited to six days a week.

Opening on Sunday, the Christian day of rest, was always a no-no. Nobody worked on a Sunday.

But things did change a few years ago when Royal Mail decided Sundays weren’t so bad after all.

This came around the time that high street stores started opening up their weekly hours across Sunday as well.

So does Royal Mail actually deliver post on Sunday? What’s the deal?

Royal Mail go to every corner of the UK to fetch mail and shove it around (Picture: Getty)

Back in 2014, Royal Mail started to open certain offices (around 100 out of thousands) on Sundays.

This was around the time Amazon was getting big, and that website has always offered delivery on Sundays (via Royal Mail) if you pay for the service.

Royal Mail then started making limited Sunday deliveries in the London area, officially, but only packages and parcels.

At the time, it was stated that the trial could be rolled out nationally if successful.

Even the most remote properties are serviced by Royal Mail (Picture: Getty)

Now, in 2018, there is still no ‘official’ Royal Mail delivery on Sunday and these are rare…. but they do happen very occasionally.

Letters won’t ever be delivered on Sundays, but some packages will, if they are important and a certain sort of postage has been paid for.

It’s never safe to assume a parcel will be sent on a Sunday if you need it by a certain time.


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