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Bible prophecy is not about paganism, false prophets or America

On November 30, 2011

People who study Bible prophecy usually want to know about things to come. Even so, there is only so much that God revealed to us in the scriptures about the future. When people go outside of inspired texts to find more truth or information they are going to be misled. Also, those people claiming direct revelation from God about the future should know that speaking lies and their own presumptions in the name of God puts them in grave danger. Those with itching ears might believe these false prophets but what they learn from them will not lead them into doing anything productive for Christ.

There is one thing certain. Bible prophecy will not conform to theories in Islam, paganism, presumptions of self anointed false prophets, or conjectures about America’s future.

It is one thing to meditate on and correlate inspired scripture to try to dig out obscure truths, and it is quite another to try to find truth within pagan teachings and false prophets in order to interpret God’s inspired texts.

I cannot make anything more than an educated guess about what is going to happen next in the Middle East or anywhere else in the world. I do not think there is anyone on earth that knows how things on earth will play out other than what is written in the Bible.

I am sure that it will not play out the way the 12th Imam Islamist sect believes it will, or the way Christian teachers that like to quote Islam prophecy think it will. What would a false belief system know about the things of God? Yet, that does not stop some Christians from teaching Bible prophecy scenarios based on Islamic expectations.

Some Christians actually believe that God is scheduling end time events based on the pagan Mayan long calendar, or that prophecy is waiting for the return of the Reptilians or Planet X. These speculations might make for good theater but it has nothing to do with Bible prophecy.

Some Christians believe that God is now telling self anointed prophets what will happen next. If God is, where is the fruit from these people? Jesus said you would know prophets by their fruit (Mt 7: 15-20). These modern “prophets” produce nothing but false presumptions and speculations and money in their own pockets. The prophecies either always fail or they are so vague that anyone could have made them. When the two true prophets of God appear in Jerusalem in the last days they will have real signs and wonders and they will have the words of life or death.

The self-appointed anointed prophets of today might talk about signs and wonders occurring in their meetings but Fox News and I are not buying into such claims. You have to be a brain-dead gullible Christian to believe that people like Pat Robertson, Todd Bentley, Rick Joyner etc., are actually hearing from God.

Some Christians think they should be trying to figure out the timing of end time events by working out hidden Bible codes and numerical formulas. I see no instruction or reason to try to do that within the Bible. It is an unproductive waste of time, but it sells books.

Should Christians spend their life on Rapture forums trying to convince each other why the Rapture will happen within the next year? I do not think God ever had that in mind for Christians.

So what should Christians do?

Work for the Lord like Jesus is coming back today but realize that He might not come until the day that you die. After all, every prior generation that ever lived died off without seeing end time scriptures fulfilled. This generation may indeed be the exception, but God does not promise us that the Rapture or the second coming will occur in our lifetime no matter how much some people try to convince us that it will happen. We could still die tomorrow even if the Lord were actually to come in a few years.

If there is one thing that I am trying to emphasis on this Blog, it is that what happens in America in the near future could actually have little or nothing to do with biblical end time events. The US could disintegrate as a nation and Bible prophecy will still play out the way God said it would and Bible prophecy will still take place in God’s own timing. Nations have risen and fallen throughout history. The fulfillment of Bible prophecy is not dependent on America.

America is not a Christian nation; America is not Babylon in the Bible; America is not new Israel like the Mormon’s think; America does not have to exist as a nation until the Rapture. If America dishonors God she cannot expect to remain as a world power until some future Rapture. God can pull the plug on America in one minute. One solar storm or a nuclear EMP could mean the end of the United States as a viable nation.

Well then what about the Christians that live in America? They will live or die like all Christians that lived before them did in other nations. God does not have to Rapture the Church because there are Christians in America – in spite of what some think. There were also Christians in other nations that are now no longer nations of any importance. Bible prophecy is not all about us, or about America, we all need to keep that in mind.

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