Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Someone in Washington D.C. loves EndrTimes

In the past it was someone from Alexandria, Virginia that was constantly on this blog according to my feedjit Live Traffic Feed; Recently it has been someone else from Council Bluffs, Iowa. Now it's someone from Washington D.C., that is on EndrTimes 24 o 7 around the clock, which makes me feel so important.
I wonder what Washington DC could find so interesting on this site?
I know it isn't the prophecy that I manage to associate to everything that takes place around the world?
Or, maybe the way I point to the violation of the SEPARATION OF Church and State PRINCIPLE*, with the way the Catholic Church and her daughters are getting in bed with the government; Something that isn't supposed to happen in our Constitutional Republic?

Just thought I'd mention that little tid bit! Now I feel better.

*SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE: A principle which neo-conservative and neo-liberal revisionist politicians now ridicule as if it was a fairy tale.

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