Friday, January 20, 2012

COMECE Bishops' Declaration on Social market Economy defends Sunday

12 january 2012

unknownIn their declaration on Social Market Economy, published on 12 January, the COMECE Bishops call for the protection of work-free sundays in the EU:

"Today, our task lies in protecting ourselves from a scenario where themarket and its inner logic manage to encroach on all areas of life and hold them captive. There are shared and qualitative needs which cannot be satisfied by the market, particularly in relation to the family. This is why it is the task of government to provide guaranteed market-free times and living spaces where people can search for ways to meet these needs.17 It is right that market activity is restricted on official public holidays and Sundays, because on those days, for national, cultural or religious reasons, peace and quiet and time to collect one’s thoughts take precedence over economic activities."

The Declaration is available in English, French and German

Download the Declaration in PDF in English, French, German

Photos of the Conference on Flickr

Mp3 of the Conference:


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