Monday, January 30, 2012

Someone in Council Bluffs Iowa loves EndrTimes

Since the Council Bluffs phenomenon is back, I have decided to 'run' this piece a second time:


Someone in Washington D.C. loves EndrTimes

In the past it was someone from Alexandria, Virginia that was constantly on this blog according to my feedjit Live Traffic Feed; Recently it has been someone else from Council Bluffs, Iowa. Now it's someone from Washington D.C., that is on EndrTimes 24 o 7 around the clock, which makes me feel so important.
I wonder what Washington DC could find so interesting on this site?
I know it isn't the prophecy that I manage to associate to everything that takes place around the world?
Or, maybe the way I point to the violation of the SEPARATION OF Church and State PRINCIPLE*, with the way the Catholic Church and her daughters are getting in bed with the government; Something that isn't supposed to happen in our Constitutional Republic?

Just thought I'd mention that little tid bit! Now I feel better.

*SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE: A principle which neo-conservative and neo-liberal revisionist politicians now ridicule as if it was a fairy tale.

P.S. Council Bluffs is back!

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